Update: After working out 4, Seahawks to sign Brady Quinn

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  • Don't give a damn. If Russell goes down, Marshawn gets the ball. As long as he can hand it off (Brady has experience doing this with Charles), I don't give a shit. Without Russ, we have little chance of winning. I'd like to get into good draft pick territory if Russ goes down, and Quinn gets us to that point.
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  • Quinning!
    Tru2RedNGold25 wrote:Us as Niners fan have every right to rep Niners all day everyday when we have the hardware to back it up do can u guys say that???

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  • I'm sure Pete and John are making an informed decision based off much more evidence than our knee jerk reactions about these players. If they liked Quinn best, they're probably right.

    Personally? I think Seneca was a great backup qb, possibly as good as it gets without someone deciding to make him their starter.
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  • for the Quinn!
    There was this monkey, right?
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  • If he plays, I am just going to squint a lot while muttering his first name only.

    It's as if John Schneider doesn't know the rules. You never trust a man with no first name. Especially at the most important position, backup QB.

    I bet within the week we will have a story about how Pete recruited Quinn to go to USC but didn't get him back then.
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  • I heard Pioli on nfl radio say that he is a team guy,hard worker and knows his role as a backup qb. He also said he is one of the greatest people he has ever been around of all his years in the league. According to Pioli, his short comings as a player is his accuracy.

    I don't lose any sleep over who the hell is the backup QB but I would rather have a hard working team guy than a guy thinking he should be a starter somewhere. If Wilson gets hurt for an extended period of time its "maybe next year" time anyway. Teams that have won with a backup usually win with defense and a run game anyway. Hell Charlie Batch was 3-1 to start the year a few years ago so look no further than that as your model. I'm sure if the right guy in the right spot is on the board in the draft, we take a guy. I don't see it as a must have draft pick however. There will probably be many more guys to choose from on the street this summer including T-Jack. So welcome aboard Brady and maybe Mr Wilson can bring the very best out in you to.
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  • Brady Quinn; medicine woman.
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  • loafoftatupu wrote:
    HawkEye wrote:I think we have a great supporting cast for Quinn. We should be better with Quinn than the 49ers with McCoy.

    Man.. I dunno about that. I think I like McCoy better than Quinn. Scrappier for sure. Look, all he has to do is dump it off to Harvin and hand it to Lynch. I guess that is OK by me. Anything past that? I dunno. Those guys must have seen something in Quinn that no one else has in the last few years, because I think that guy STUNK :)

    Keep on slidin Russell!!!!!

    +1, McCoy is a better backup, he's less turnover prone and a better runner. I personally would want a backup who doesn't turn the ball over, that's just my two cents.
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  • We're just going for Hansom and the quarterback position. Duh.
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  • Charlie W. now has competition for "Most photogenic" backup Seahawks QB ever.
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  • Scottemojo wrote:I bet within the week we will have a story about how Pete recruited Quinn to go to USC but didn't get him back then.

    Quinn, who is from Dublin, Ohio, said he was briefly recruited by USC but never considered going there.

    "I really had no desire whatsoever," he said. "They recruited me a little bit. I committed earlier in the process."

    Pete Carroll NEVER FORGETS.

    *Cue Pete Carroll staring into a mirror like Mark Wahlberg in Fear, shirtless, with Brady carved into his bloody chest.
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  • I saw someone on Twitter refer to him as "Clipboard Bieber."

    Let's make this stick. Now.
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  • I think this will work brilliantly.

    You'll have Dangeruss out there, driving for a crucial touchdown over the 40-Cupcakes, when PC will give the order for BBQ (Boy-toy Brady Quinn, wearing a junior high-sized uni) to do some inappropriate stretching on the sideline. With half of the 'Cupcakes defense gazing upon Mr. Handsome w/lustful eyes, Russ will hand the ball off to BeastMode, who'll break the limp-wristed tackles of blushing suitors and go in for the score. Final Score: 'Hawks 77, Whiners 3.

    Of course, then Harbaugh will jump up and down like a monkey flinging his feces, yelling "WHAT'S YOUR DEAL?!? SCREECH IS NOT MY REAL COUSIN!"

    Yeah, I trust this maneuver 100%. Until Boss Hog catches up w/JS, I'm all in w/everything he does.

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  • MrCarey wrote: If Russell goes down, Marshawn gets the ball. As long as he can hand it off (Brady has experience doing this with Charles), I don't give a shit.

    So I wonder if Quinn's completion percentage on handoffs is around 55% like his pass completion percentage is?
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  • penihawk wrote: According to Pioli, his short comings as a player is his accuracy.

    Sweet so besides one of the most important trait for a qb he doesn't really have any shortcomings.... :thirishdrinkers:
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  • What's all the fuss about? You ain't seen nothin' like the mighty Quinn...
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  • Absolutely Quintacular! What a Quintabulous day in Seahawk history! Kinda Quinlicious too!
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  • Smelly McUgly wrote:This is all well and good, but I hope that these workouts and the Portis signing aren't indicating that Seattle has no interest in EJ Manuel or Matt Scott. I really want one of those two guys in the draft.

    Probably, it's just Schneider doing his due diligence on these guys.

    manuel is going to be gone before we have a shot at him... and we don't want him anyways.. coming from a guy that watched him his whole career at fsu.. he's one of those guys with all the tools.. just doesn't seem to put them together on the field and take control like he should.
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  • He's still going to be competing with Portis and whatever 4th-7th round rookie they snatch just hold on
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  • LawlessHawk wrote:Absolutely Quintacular! What a Quintabulous day in Seahawk history! Kinda Quinlicious too!

    Figures. Dump Flynn, get Quinn, and all the Flynnisms are already set to become Quinnisms. :34853_doh:
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