Hawks have agreed to terms with Thigpen??

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  • TheRealDTM wrote:
    SussexSeahawk wrote:You guys have more info on Thigpen than me, all I've seen is his name as backup for various teams, but he must be serviceable or Pete and John wouldn't consider him?
    I'm not that bothered about it at all, If he can't absorb any of Russ's talent and coaching by playing with him, he'll move on; if he does, adequate back up?
    I just think if he's willing to take in and learn from Russ who is a motivator with talent, and Thigpen has a shred of ability, he'll be fine

    Not to derail this thread ... but

    He's almost Tebow like, he gets wins and gives 100% effort with his body, he's not a cerebral quarterback but he has athletic skills. It's for that reason that Vince Young makes way more since to me.

    note: he has a much better passing motion than tebow, and he's not as magic.

    Sorry, should have been a bit more clearer, whichever "vet" they bring in, for me, i'm not bothered; if they can absorb some of Russ's talent and improve; obviously some have more talent than others; at the end of the day, if they can't cut it, or prove they're capable of being a back up, they'll be gone soon enough, and i'm sure whovever it is brought in, they'll have been evaluated long and hard to see if they can offer something to the team, so on that basis, i'm not that worried at all who is being brought in as a back up; There's always the draft aswell, and Portis?
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