.Net Super Bowl commercial.

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Re: .Net Super Bowl commercial.
Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:11 pm
  • cdallan wrote:
    pehawk wrote:So, a Spike Lee straight-line dolly shot starts in a highrises lobby, and slowly rolls toward the elevator. The elevator door opens to; Diags, Rock, Jsea and platapus sitting in the elevator.

    Enter Zeb...

    Zeb squeezes into the elevator, giving off that normal creepy vibe only Zeb can. All the others move towards the elevator walls, to give Zeb more room. At this point Zeb starts licking the left cheek of EVERYONE in the elvator (face cheek, you pervs). Everyone stands there confused and saddened by Zebs sexual assault.

    At this point the 3rd wall comes tumbling down, Zeb looks into the camera and says "can you guess what I had for breakfast, guys? Smell your faces, guess, c'mon!"

    Enter theme music, the logo, then our motto flashes across the screen " with more QB threads and less racism".



    OK, as everyone still seems to be taking the silkwood shower we all take after the sluice gate to Pehawk's sewer that he calls his mind is opened, I thought that I would revert on a couple of technical points.

    Firstly, if Zeb speaks to the camera, isn't that breaking down the fourth wall? If you break down the third wall, then that just means you have a really flimsy set (which, given the
    Net server, I am not ruling out for this commercial).

    Secondly, can we verify the alleged reduction in racism? I haven't noticed it.

    Just FYI, I did call BS on the alleged reduction in racism here a few weeks ago.
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Re: .Net Super Bowl commercial.
Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:57 pm
  • Everybody's racist.
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