What's your most annoying anti-Seahawk talking point?

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  • kearly wrote:There are a few Seahawks doubters out there, and they've come up with a handful of flimsy excuses for supporting that view. Which of their talking points annoys you the most?

    For me, it's the "Russell Wilson still has to prove himself" line. As if to suggest that Wilson's 2012 season was a fluke, or that he's due for a major regression in 2013 when defenses make adjustments. There are so many things that annoy me about this.

    #1: Wilson is not a gimmick quarterback. He runs one of the most diverse and talented offenses in the NFL. Further, Seattle only passed on 45% of their plays last season. If you wanted to slow Seattle's offense just enough to win, you wouldn't key on Wilson, you'd key on Lynch. Just ask the last two teams to beat Seattle: Miami and Atlanta. Even when Wilson was getting sacked like crazy against the Rams and Redskins, he still posted excellent passer ratings and his offense still scored 20+ points. You can't game plan this guy any more than you can game plan Aaron Rogers, and with his work ethic he's only going to grow. I'd put the odds of a Wilson decline among the lowest of all starting QBs next year.

    #2: What more does he need to do to prove he's a great QB? Did people not watch him last season? Or in the playoffs? Or even in the pro-bowl where he stood tall over some of the league's best? Or even in college, for that matter?

    Granted, I get that normally you'd be cautious about a QB coming off a great season that MOST people (not me) were not expecting. But then again, is Wilson like other QBs? Were people expecting a huge down year in 2002 from Tom Brady? How'd that work out?

    Anyway, that's mine. I could have probably named 5 more. This season is going to be fun proving the few remaining doubters and cynics wrong.

    - I love RW, but I'll admit I'm not going to go screaming he's the next Elite Quarterback from his first season because we've seen so many great quarterbacks hit Sophomore slumps and perhaps not even return to great measure. But I do look forward to his future, and I think he will prepare well enough to not let that happen.

    - As for him not being a pocket passer, I'll admit, I was also concerned about that, until the Falcons game where he really did just sit in the pocket and start doing the traditional QB thing. Which he did wonderfully. So I'm not worried about it anymore.
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  • Tical21 wrote:Sorry, I'm not savvy enough to quote properly on this site yet. But in retort, I know you watch all the games and break them down in a very similar way that I do. You know as well as I do when Wilson is at his best and what he struggles with. He held the ball longer than any other starting QB in the NFL. I guess I would disagree with Sando as far as what qualifies as a pocket pass. Dropping back ten yards, dodging two rushers, and hitting a late crossing route still qualifies as a pocket pass, but that is far different from dissecting a defense from the pocket. With numbers like those, you have no choice but to use the eyeball test.

    I do agree that the Rams had a terrific gameplan for Wilson. If they had more defensive talent, that game could have been much uglier than it was. We're going to see a lot of that this year. Percy will help, and Wilson will adjust. All I'm saying is that there are more tests he's going to have to pass before we can declare him a mainstay in the elite QB category. Again, he's well on his way and EVERYTHING looks promising, but at the same time, there are quite a few things he hasn't done yet.

    If you want Wilson to stay in the pocket more, where he is a highly rated passer, Seattle's offensive line will have to get a lot better. According to Football Outsiders we had some of the worst pass blocking in the NFL last year. Wilson is holding on to the ball and leaving the pocket because that's the high percentage play. Since he holds the major college record for passer rating, I'm going to trust his decision making.
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  • Wilson got better every week and led the league in most stats the second half of the season and finished in the top 5 . Here's why Wilson will NOT have problems next year Accuracy Intelligence Work Ethic. Honestly this whole thing about defensive adjusments is just garbage they tried everything to stop Wilson last year. No one had an answer for our offense the second half of the season.
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  • Never let them know you're annoyed.
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  • 1. Wilson is not a good pocket passer. UNTRUE. Similar ratings inside and outside the pocket.

    2. Wilson doesn't target receivers down the middle. UNTRUE. Most of his TD's were from plays where he threw down the middle.

    3. Wilson is a run-first QB. UNTRUE. How many designed run-plays were drawn up for Wilson? I don't recall many. And one needs to only look at the SF game where embarrassed their D, that he's constantly scrambling and looking downfield before running, usually as a last resort.

    4. Wilson will be injured often because he runs so much. UNTRUE. I don't think I've seen a smarter QB on the run. He'll get as many yards as he can with his legs then he usually slides or runs out of bounds. I've only seen him take a decent hit several times. Definitely much less than a less mobile QB.

    5. CB's won't be as good without the help of adderall. Really? It may help them with film studying but did ya see how Sherman tore it up after it came out his UA had traces of adderall in it?

    6. Wilson wont be able to do too much once teams have a full year of his film to study. Why couldn't AZ,STL, SF figure him out the second time they played? Only STL was able to hold him back a little. Also the Skins and ATL had a full slate of reg season film to study and he still picked them apart later in the game.

    7. Sherman is a diva and will be a locker room cancer. I can honestly say, no way in hell that happens. This guy is the voice for the D, and his teammates love him. He's a smart, calculated businessman along with an incredible defender. He knows how to build his name up.
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  • SNDavidson wrote:Anyone who does not acknowledge that the superbowl that shall not be named was influenced by the mafia.

    I do not acknowledge this.

    I dont think I really have anything specific that annoys me. Mostly I guess cuz i just don't care what other people have to say about them.
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  • rigelian wrote:Never let them know you're annoyed.


    Tical21 wrote:I do agree that the Rams had a terrific gameplan for Wilson. If they had more defensive talent, that game could have been much uglier than it was.

    Actually, the Rams were tied for most sacks last year and had a top 10 defense. The reason they even limited Seattle to 20 points is because their defense is very good.

    TheRealDTM wrote:We should rename this thread to, "idea's for 49ers fans" :/

    They wrote the book, I'm just quoting from it.
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  • Here in Hawaii, and being in a tourist related industry, I see football fans from across the nation on a daily basis (people on vacation like to sport their team jerseys / t-shirts). If anything annoys me as of late, it's my inability to find nay-sayers and the subsequent debate that typically ensues.

    The Niner fans remain the most arrogant, but even with them all I can get is "hey, it's going to be epic every time we play each other". I start hitting them with why they should be very concerned....and they just kinda' agree. Not much fun to be had with them.

    Then you have the bandwagoners; "I've always liked Seattle and I'm happy you guys have what looks like a SB team...when I'm not rooting for my ___________, I'll be rooting for your Hawks"! This domination thing isn't as fun as I had hoped.

    Then you have my bros that are from all over the place. They annoy me the most with "hey, you know I've always rooted for your Hawks, now I may even buy a jersey". I wish I could just jump ship like these people. Been a Hawk fan since the beginning and up to this year, always had to defend the team. Now? Well, it's just annoying.
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  • anything from extremeredskins. they are the most obnoxious fans....hate those d-bags.
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  • Tical21 wrote: Can Wilson do the dance forever?

    Steve Young had a pretty solid career before concussions took him out.
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  • I hate people who say that Wilson is screwed once defenses figure out the read option. It's more like defenses are screwed once they start keeping a linebacker at home to babysit wilson because he'll start picking them apart through the air with the play action (worse than he already does that is).

    That and pretty much anything ever said out loud by 9'er or Skins fans. Horrible horrible excuses for human beings they are...
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  • kearly wrote:
    Ad Hawk wrote:Cheaty Petey...

    That would have been my #2.

    1a and 1b for me and which goes first depends on the day.
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  • I'm not annoyed by any of it. There just isn't really much "anti-Seahawk" stuff that carries any weight any more. Then you have to consider the source. These days most of that anti-Seahawk stuff is coming from none other than the Niner fan. It is made up garbage to give them peace, so they can sleep at night. They are just mad that in 3 years, the Hawks did what took them 8 and with younger, less expensive players.

    I don't let any of that crap bother me, if it was true or valid, it might, but just the fact that most of it is wishful thinking, mostly on behalf of a rival fan base is enough for me to dismiss it.
    The only concern I have and I mean only is that Bevell will get cute and pass even though Lynch is gaining yardage. 1/30/2015 - loaf
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  • I think "Seachickens" is the dumbest nickname I've ever heard. Like come on dude, you couldn't think of something more clever?
    "I'm not the type to let a sleeping giant lie. I wake up the giant, slap him around, make him mad and beat him to the ground. I talk a big game because I carry a big stick." --- All-Pro Stanford Graduate
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  • TheRealDTM wrote:We should rename this thread to, "idea's for 49ers fans" :/

    probably true. They seem to have trouble coming up with ideas on their own.
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  • Zero Super Bowls by far.
    ImTheScientist wrote:This guy is the closest thing to beast mode we will ever see. You got a glimpse of that yesterday. He was instantly my favorite player when they signed him. Give the dude a chance and don't overreact or overthink preseason. Go Hawks. Lacy will rush for 1,100 and 10TDs. Bend the knee.
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  • To me its when they say that PC never made it in the NFL before so therefore he is a failure. Or, they say he is a bum coach because he spends too much time being a players coach.
    I am equally as happy for PC as Dangeruss Wilson.
    Want a laugh, go back and look at the bleacher report on our 2012 draft and how they gave they Hawks a big "F" for a lousy draft. Hahaha. It is really funny now. Funny thing was I kind of agreed with them. PC and JS know their dodo.
    GO HAWKS!!!!!
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  • Most of the classic ones have already been said, but the one that pisses me off the most in this offseason is the perception that Seattle is selling out for the present and have put themselves in future cap hell that will result in a return to mediocrity.

    Get real. This front office knows what they're doing. Get used to 10 years of dominance haters
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