Hawks or Pats are frontrunners to land John Abraham

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  • Along with the Patriots

    Mike Gambardella ‏@BIG3Sports 1h
    Source reports #Broncos interest in FA John Abraham is waning. #Patriots and #Seahawks continue to be frontrunner for former #Falcons DE.
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  • Weird.
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  • yeeeessssss

    It's all coming to fruition.
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  • with Bennett being talked about playing DT and Avrill playing some hybrid LB that tells me Clem may not be healthy at all this year....
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  • Sign him
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  • we will be like the New York Giants that year they won the super bowl.... With elite DE's and Elite DE depth.
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  • "You can never have enough pass rushers"

    "We all we got, we all we need"
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  • Who is this guy? He doesn't appear to write for any paper or online publication. Just a dude from Boston with a Twitter account.

    Highly doubt he has any source beyond the one in his own head.
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  • Get it done
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  • DavidSeven wrote:Who is this guy? He doesn't appear to write for any paper or online publication. Just a dude from Boston with a Twitter account.

    Highly doubt he has any source beyond the one in his own head.

    lol :13:
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  • Interesting, although I have never heard of this guy before so I don't know if he is reliable. We shall see though.
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  • Might just be reporting outdated information. He probably is. I hope he isn't.

    If Abraham comes very low cost, then I really hope we get him. He gives us a very good pass rush even if we PUP Clemons and hold him out for most of the season. It also allows the team to just outright replace Clemons for Abraham, which IMO upgrades the team in 2013 by quite a bit and might save money too.
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  • Make it so.
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  • Would love it.


    Bevell, the gift that keeps on giving
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  • Abraham Has Something Left? How old is he?
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  • I don't see it. Clem, Irvin and Avril. I don't see the spot for him. If true it wod seem to me that Clem isn't/won't be ready.
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  • Put a fork in it. Our FA activity is done.
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  • HawKnPeppa wrote:Put a fork in it. Our FA activity is done.

    I think you are right, we are done.

    Unless something happens that is just too juicy to let go, it's all about the draft board now.
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  • HawKnPeppa wrote:Put a fork in it. Our FA activity is done.

    I agree.

    I also think it's telling that no one's signed Abraham at this point, even though he's probably going to come cheap. I know that I'm running the risk of invoking groupthink, but I also think there might be a nagging injury to Abraham we don't know about which is causing his value to stay low.
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  • are u kiddin me...? stop playin w/ my emotions like that....one or two yr deal cheap...i say go for it!
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  • We've made some signings in FA, but it's not like we've been spending tons of money. If Abraham wants to be here, I wouldn't tell him he can't. We've never had this problem, so maybe I'll change my mind during the season, but I've never heard fans of another team complain that they had too many good pass rushers.

    This is starting to feel like when guys like Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, etc tag on with the Heat to add to their championship jewelry. That's probably an extreme example, but I'm too drunk to think of a better one right now (10am be damned).
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