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  • Agreed it is a weak piece. The problem with the 49ers... Age. They are not a young team. They may draft some rookies that will be good it is a big unknown. We added proven players starting their peak that all seem to have something to prove.
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  • I like how the Seahawks are in cap crisis in his faulty analysis, when the 49ers have Kaepernick going into his 4th season in '14 and able to renegotiate his rookie contract. Since Kaepernick is so good and light years above Wilson, his new contract will be large will result in many players getting the boot. He isn't going to sign an 8m/year Alex Smith deal, he deserves more the Niners would be lucky to get him for under 15m/year.

    But since the 49ers have proved they can win with a bad quarterback, they could just trade/cut him. Won't affect them one bit.
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  • The 9ers are obviously a very good team but that guy is kidding himself if he thinks they have a better roster than us, they've already proven that their much vaunted defense is nothing without the soon to be 34 year old Justin Smith.
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  • Sooooo, he's attempting to sooth the stress rash that 9ers fans are getting by implying that Michael Crabtree is a better receiver than Percy Harvin by throwing out the YPC stat??? Since both entered the league in 2009:

    MC 260 Receptions for 3345 yards, 21 TD's; 2 Rushes for 14 yards
    PH 280 Receptions for 3302 yards, 20 TD's; 107 Rushes for 683 yards, 4 TD's

    We don't even need to go to Return Stats...
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  • Hawks46 wrote:.........The biggest issue I have with a lot of people comparing the two teams is the argument that Wilson will regress. I've heard everything from "sophomore slump" to "teams will figure him out". What most people outside of Seahawks fans don't get is that we don't have Kaepernick or RGIII up here. We have Russell Wilson. The guy scrambles to throw, and he doesn't get out of the pocket with the express intention of running first. There's nothing to "figure out". People haven't figured Aaron Rodgers out, and their games are similar. Wilson is also better in the pocket than either Kaep or RGIII. He's better at reading progressions, spreading the ball around, and finding open receivers.

    Conversely, these same people will talk about Wilson "coming down to earth" while Kaepernick will remain "totally awesome", which makes even less sense. Wilson started more games than Kaepernick did. He has more experience. He's less likely to have a slump in that way. Also, Kaepernick runs the ball a lot more, and the Niners run the read option more often than we do. The general consensus around the league is that the read option will get figured out; it will probably still work, but won't be so wildly successful. Running the ball a lot more will get you hurt faster. Kaepernick takes more hits than Wilson does. Over an entire season, it's going to be hard on him. So I also find it amusing that Wilson gets figured out, while Kaepernick doesn't..........

    GREAT post. I think this sums the 2 QBs up (and RGIII) perfectly. Russ is already waaaaaay ahead of Crapperdink in terms of the mental aspect of the position and a bit ahead of Griffin IMO. And, he is certainly the equal of the other 2 physically . Crapperdink still looks like a one read and then run guy and that will be adjusted to this season.
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  • Smelly McUgly wrote:Niners Nation is an absolute pit. David Fucillo is fine, but the commenters there are football-stupid and stuck in a chronological warp in which it is always the mid-80s, no matter if the Niners win three or thirteen games.

    They are the WORST bunch of fans on the internet, and that includes 49ersWebZone, which I honestly think has to be a parody of a fan site because there is no other explanation for it.

    You are preaching to the College Navy, Action Green and Wolf Grey choir, brother.


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  • I like how the writer tries to sound objective but obviously is quite biased.
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  • Well, what can you expect coming from the Niner fanbase. It seemed like last year you couldn't even discuss the Seahawks in here without a Niner apologist showing up. You can't even mention AJ Jenkins without hearing how they had too much quality to break in a rookie and that they (their rookies) were just improving my leaps and bounds and killing it in practice. I just find them so condescending.

    Honestly, I've never hated the Niners, but, good grief, it's starting to rise like bile in the back of my throat (and that's an awesome thing). I can finally see us growing into the Hawks/Raiders of the 80's and early 90's. I didn't get over my dislike of Howie Long until recently.
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