Doug Baldwin to be traded? (Colts, speculation)

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  • Baldwin's not going anywhere soon.

    I can't imagine any team wanting to trade for him at his current value.
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Re: Doug Baldwin to be traded?
Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:38 pm
  • ivotuk wrote:
    Smelly McUgly wrote:Add to this that I think Jim Irsay is unstable and needs to be removed from Twitter

    This is an excellent idea!

    Irsay's ignorant and juvenile tweet's only further prove Smelly's point:

    “ColtFans, we already past the cap cash wise/ we’re working on a deal, 1 we’ve been workin on for 5 days/ we’re very,very close 2 making it work.’’

    “Everyone stand buy,pour strong drink…do ur voodoo,Colts need the strength and it’s nation to get this wopper in the boat! DO U UNDERSTAND!?”

    Maybe all of this was about signing Hasselbeck? :D
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  • McGruff wrote:
    DJrmb wrote:If Harvin goes down Tate can slide into that position better than anyone. How long have people been saying he's the poor mans Percy Harvin? Then you play an Outside WR in Tate's old spot not a slot guy. Thats why Kearse and Williams are guys I'd keep, they're both more of your Outside WR than Baldwin.

    People seem to be low on Kearse here but he's shown some flashes and is one of the few guys that could play Sidney's role in a pinch.

    Tate is NOT a slot receiver. Doesn't have the skills for it. He's an outside guy only.

    If Harvin went down, Tate would play outside and Baldwin would play slot.

    I know, I keep hearing this thought that Tate is some slot guy repeated over and over but it just doesn't add up. You have to be a precise route runner to be a slot guy, and Tate's biggest knock has always been his lack of precise route running. No, Tate has made his money on the outside. Watch his hilights. He's a "go get it" kind of reciever and every good catch I remember him making ocurred near the sideline.

    Calling Tate a slot guy because he's short is just a lazy analysis...
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  • Not judging anyone, but why is this thread 9 pages long?
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  • SNDavidson wrote:Not judging anyone, but why is this thread 9 pages long?

    Because of posts like yours and mine.
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  • CALIHAWK1 wrote:
    SNDavidson wrote:Not judging anyone, but why is this thread 9 pages long?

    Because of posts like yours and mine.

    +1 :thirishdrinkers:
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