Hitler (Schiano?) on Bennett going to the Seahawks

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  • ClumsyLurk wrote:
    SalishHawkFan wrote:Those are great. I did one of my own:

    Harbaugh Hitler on Harvin Signing

    What program do you use for your subtitles and where do people get the blank source to do it? Sorry Just always wondered if there was a site people could go to like macro image editors for this
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  • JSeahawks wrote:

    its true

    'the last thing seahawks fans wanna see their chargers do... play behind early and they're gonna be behind 10 nothin"

    edit: since you're on it... crank it up real loud and add some umph on your sub for this part
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  • Both of those were fabulous! THank you Salish for not going all PC and staying true to history. The Goldson comment was genius! :p
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  • Harbaugh's cake rant reduced me to tears laughing nicely done, lol.
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