Who leads the 2013 Seahawks in sacks? Give me a # for each.

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Who leads the team in sacks?

Total votes : 99

  • Avril 14
    Irvin 11
    Clem 10
    Bennet 8
    Mebane 4
    Wagner 4
    ET 2
    Red 2
    BB 1
    Sherm 1

    Did I leave out anybody?
    oh yea, RW 1 Gonna be fun ;)
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  • I won't be stunned if we surpass the 50 mark and I think a goal of 50 sacks and 25 Ints, while lofty, is possible. Pressure + coverage = long day for opposing QBs...throw in crowd noise (when at the clink) and it's almost unfair. ;)
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  • Clemons 8
    Irvin 11
    Avril 9.5
    Bennett 7.5
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  • Irvin - 8
    Avril - 13
    Clemons - 10.5
    Mebane - 2.5
    Bennett - 6
    Wagner - 4
    Wright - 2
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  • If we can do these few things then I have no doubt 50 is realistic;

    1.) Re-sign Branch or another player similar who is very capable of providing the run D up the middle.
    2.) Clem gets healthy soon and can return to at least 75% of his old self
    3.) Bruce Irvin follows thru on his promise and gets 10lbs more muscular then goes on to dominate
    4.) We sign another DT, or LEO, or true DE, and/or a pass rushing OLB to replace Hill.
    5.) We address the 3 tech spot with the Draft

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  • Bennett: 12 (assuming he sees a lot of time at DE)
    Avril: 7
    Clemons: 5
    Irvin: 8

    Of the four, the one that gives me "breakout star" vibes is Bennett. Watching Bennett stunt with Clemons/Avril/Irvin is going to be fun.
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  • Just a hunch I have that Bennett will bag the most. Partly because... as an offense, who do you block, who do you double, how do you protect? And I think Bennett will be the hustling opportunist who gets not just his own sacks, but also a few extra "cleanup" sacks caused by the pressure from others. I see Irvin having a good year and continuing to grow, and Avril making a monster contribution as well, and the two of them flushing panicked QB's straight into the waiting arms of... Bennett; with Scruggs and Mebane each getting a couple extra that way too. I have no idea what contribution Jaye Howard will make, and where Pete and John are on getting big body inside rush DT's, keeping Alan Branch, using Red Bryant inside, etc. I don't see Clemons back in game shape and contributing until the second half of the season.

    Bennett - 11
    Irvin - 10
    Avril - 9.5
    Clemons - 4 (all in 2nd half of season)
    Scruggs - 4
    Mebane - 3
    Howard - 4
    Wagner -4
    Wright - 3
    Bryant - 2

    I think our D benefits a lot from improvements in our O. Some of my posts way back chided Pete for not coming into games earlier in the season with a game plan of "Russell, score early and often" instead of the "Russell, don't lose it for us" game plans of the first 3/4ths of the season. In 2013, the training wheels are off, and the offense scores early and often. Teams find themselves having to throw to try to catch up, creating many more pass rush situations and thus sacks, not to mention INT's. I think someone mentioned a 50/25 Sack/Int goal for the defense.
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  • Avril 15.5
    Irvin 12
    Clemons 11
    Bennett 8
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  • Avril 16. Clem 10. Irvin 9. Bennet 8.
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  • Russel Wilson leads the team with 34 sacks
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  • Irvin - 15
    Avril -13
    Bennett - 7.5
    Clemons -6

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  • Bennett - 12
    Irvin - 9
    Avril - 8
    Clemons - 5

    I think Bennett has the most due to the 1y/5m contract and hopes to cash in with a long term either here or somewhere else in next year's FA.
    Irvin starts to show promise against the run and developing more pass rush moves thanks to understudying with our new DE's.
    Avril I think he gets a bad rep against the run that PC and Quinn can work with or minimize.
    Clemons I don't hold out much hope of him lighting up sack stats coming off his injury or seeing him on the field before week 6.

    throw in an average of 2 a piece for a 2 down 3tech, Mebane, Red wherever he goes.

    I think Quinn will bring heat from the LBs more often then Bradley, and of course CB blitzes.

    I can see 50+ sacks, but it will come off taking a few risks in blitzing then we were used to with Bradley. Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.
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