What FA d-linemen still available do you want?

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  • Someone refresh my memory on Bennett. I recall him looking very solid during preseason way back. Was he an undrafted free agent rookie that year? Did he get cut that year? Put on practice squad, then stolen from us? I can't remember the details.
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  • Nice thing about Branch is that he has the body and the skill set to slide over and play the 5-tech "red bryant style" if need be. While he's our starting 3-tech, he's also pretty much our back-up 5.

    I think they're letting him wander FA to kick the tires on some other contracts just like they did with Red and Mebane. Let him go out and do his research so he can come back and name his price. Seattle has already proven they're a class act organization so he's not going to be all "Futch" about it (nobody else has). I hope to hear we've locked him up soon though. I like Branch.
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