UPDATED: Harvin's contract 6y/$67m $14.5m guaranteed

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  • Yeah guess I just got worked up after watching a segment on NFL Am where they all preferred the Boldin trade compared to the Harvin trade. Either way I love what the FO did as well as the deal that they worked with Harvin.
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  • mjwhitay wrote:
    themunn wrote:I expect production around 60 receptions for 900 yards, 30 rushes for 200 yards, he's never going to get 120+ targets in this offense, as Wilson will spread the ball around often.

    Tom Brady spreads the ball all over the place and Wes Welker still gets 150 targets a year. I know they throw a lot more, but Percy is gonna get a 100 reception season or two with this offense. I'm sure of it. He's too damn good.

    Tom Brady also throws the ball over 600 times a year and the Patriots play that high-tempo 70 play a game hurry-up offense.
    And whilst they have a decent receiving corps, they've had Randy Moss for a couple of years, Brandon Lloyd for a year, but their actual receiving corps depth is probably not comparable to ours, so Welker is going to get targetted a lot more (even by someone who spreads the ball around)

    Welker's receptions account for a little under 20% of Brady's attempts - Rice (our receptions leader) had 50 catches this year with Wilson attempting close to 400 passes. So around 12.5% of Wilson's attempts were caught by Rice (who dropped a lower percentage of balls compared to Welker)
    Unless you expect Wilson to focus in on Harvin and throw a third of attempts Harvin's way - not to mention through the ball more than 450 times, he'll get nowhere near 100 receptions.
    We just don't play that way
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