Are the Seahawks still primarily a power run team?

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  • Yes i think they are i dont think Pete will go away from what got him in this position. That is Power a running team that uses play action to free up space for recievers down field. what i remember about his USC teams that was kind of his formula don't think he would get all pass happy like the Falcons did which i think hurt them for a few years.
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  • Our offense incorperates the read option out of the base offense, so it could be a read option play or a roll out or a screen or a sprint draw or a dive and Wilson has all those options based on where the DE and LB and Safety try to line up. We don't send a Western Union to the sidelines when we run it which is why it's effective for us, we also don't want or ask Wilson to be a ball carrier in it as RGIII and Kaepernick are, running is designed few and far between unless there is a breakdown and a hole that he can gain 10 and slide in.

    Vikings were a run first team as well, when Rice and Harvin were there with Farve it was more balanced but Peterson still got a lot of carries. Our offense is now more like FIRE and BRIMSTONE, we will burn you either way.

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  • Yes we're still a power run team. Lynch, Turbine, Harvin all excel running through the tackles. Lynch just grabs the first three defenders that hit him and carries them on his back because he needs a snack after he gets his first down. Turbine will develop into mini Beast.

    But Harvin will have the disadvantage of having to learn the ZBS and probably learning to take his runs outside more often out of the zone read plays. I don't think its a big disadvantage.

    Wear down defenses with Beast mode and Jr., then let them chase Harvin all over the field out of zone reads that take away their numerical advantage.

    Make them bite hard on that and RW will absolutely torch them for being mismatched against our receivers.

    Lose track of RW, and he'll turn on his elite speed and blow your socks off.

    Theyre going to need 14 men on the field. By far we can run the scariest and most efficient offense in the NFL.

    When Russell starts running an efficient no-huddle, it will be unstoppable.
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  • I hope Bevell is drawing up plays on napkins at the local applebees, he has has the ability to create the most dynamic offense ever and get is own gig if he plays his cards right. Man fun times are ahead !
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  • We are a primary power WIN team
    We are the 2014 Superbowl champions and it can never, ever be taken away.
    Greatest defense in NFL history.
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  • m0ng0 wrote:I hope Bevell is drawing up plays on napkins at the local applebees, he has has the ability to create the most dynamic offense ever and get is own gig if he plays his cards right. Man fun times are ahead !

    Does anyone still have a picture of Ray Rhodes Defensive game plan written on a napkin. I want to remember it as being a joke about the prevent d he love to help us lose with.
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