Shopping Leon according to bleacher report

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  • Leon was an important part of the team, and i'm gonna miss him if he goes, but I really wanna see Harvin on kickoff returns and Tate on punt returns. I don't know why Tate hasn't been used on punt returns more often, he's a legit playmaker.
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  • I love Leon. I will miss him.
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  • I like Leon. however i am sure JS and PC will bring something back if they do trade Leon.
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  • TwistedHusky wrote:This is one of the biggest problems with this trade.

    Yes, we got additional value.

    But the difference between the value the player had vs the aggregate value this player brings to us vs the old roster is pretty wide.

    We paid a premium for value we already had. The 49ers had a massive hole at WR, we didn't. We just had an average corps.

    We already had a very very good kick returner, so getting that additional value from Harvin is not really that great. Even worse, it just puts our supposed star performer in a position to get injured. And it does not help that we are bringing in a guy to supplant a guy that was busting his tail for this team, and was improving every year (Tate)

    One giant need was a WR to stretch the field, and we got that. But another giant need is still our DL which was not only not addressed but is going to be harder to address with the giant cap monkey on our back from this signing. Special teams return guys was not a glaring need. And I would even submit our defensive line needed more help than our WR group did.

    We were really close, and maybe this puts us over the top. It also potentially brings a bad attitude into the team while irritating guys that busted their tails for us.

    In the end, the trade will be measured by whether or not we get to the SuperBowl. If we do, then it is a clear benefit. If not, then it will probably be a situation where something a little more specific into areas of weakness might have been a better option.

    I am on the fence with this one, we will see.

    Obviously the FO is setting the table this way because they see ample opportunity to improve our defense in the draft. JS doesn't just make these calls on a whim.

    I lost count of how many times Russell had to scramble all day long while waiting for somebody to come open. This was a bigger need than some people want to admit. As illusive as Russell is, the risk to his health increases with how long he has to hold on to the ball.

    Want improvements on D? JS an PC can now devote almost all of their attention to it.
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  • why are people worried about Harvin getting injured returning kicks?
    Can't remember the last time someone suffered a serious injury returning a kick - half the time the ball is kicked out of the back of the endzone, or the punt returner has to call fair catch. And he can always split reps with Golden Tate, who was pretty good returning punts his rookie year, and has been not too bad in the preseason either.
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  • bestfightstory wrote:
    Teqneek wrote:I guess I'm not seeing why we cut our special teams record holder? Solid field position player, to have our potential 10 mil a year receiver return kicks, and not have a nice solid 3rd back as an option. When for the same money we can say good by to Ben Obomanu and a few others, that would make just more of a logical impact from a salary standard vs removing our spark in the Special teams department to remove the same cap.

    Criticial Success Player vs 30 percent Snap guys (one highly overpaid)

    The counterargument would be that Harvin/Tate replaces most of what Leon provides and the absence of Leon allows us to fill his roster spot with an additional D-Lineman, maybe?

    But again why Leon, its not Leon is breaking the bank at 2 Mil a year, or that there isnt 2 lesser players we can easily replace in mid round.. Dunno, I just dont see getting rid of such an electric player at that price when you have other ways to make room.

    Guess we'll see. Good thing I didnt buy a Washington JErsey last year ;)
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  • Also worth noting, Leon is a 30 year old running back. Not saying he doesn't have some left in the tank, but he isn't a spring chicken.
    Doug Baldwin took a hit to the head when he was younger and now can't remember how to drop a football. - SomersetHawk
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  • the fact that we still question anything PS&JS do surprises me
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  • Would suck to Lose Leon over this. Guy is a pro bowl caliber returner and he isn't hurting the salary cap. And with Harvin's demonstrated fragility i'm not sure using him to return kicks is the best use of his abilities.
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