What Vikings fans are saying about the Percy Harvins trade..

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  • thanks for your insight! i hope PC can fix his attitude problem. The radio said if Harvin enter this year draft, he would be no. 1 choice. so i guess #25+7th round and 3 or 4th round next year < first overall pick this year. I am excited about this coming season. Can't wait for opening day.

    CPHawk wrote:I don't know, I see where you are coming from kearly but I also think you are way overrating some guys in this draft. Every year there are guys who over achieve and guys who bust, but I can't think of the last 20 something pick we had that worked out for us. Last 25 was Carp, and he's to be determined, but teetering on bust.
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  • A first, 7th and "conditional"3rd is just fine compensation for a 24 year old reciever the likes of Harvin. The only reason they didn't get more was the elephant-sized contract in the corner of the room

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  • kearly wrote:I think Minnesota won the trade more than we did. A #25 pick in a year where the 25th pick is almost as good as the 5th pick is, plus a 7th and a future mid rounder ("likely a 3rd"). Plus all the cap space saved. This is also a ridiculously loaded draft for WR. All of this for a player that had they kept him would have held out, played the minimum, and then left in 2014. This is a HUGE win for the Vikings, on par with the epic win the 49ers got when trading Smith.

    From our end, I think the trade was worth it, but at an extremely heavy cost. So overall, I'd say that I'm supportive of the trade and I'm very excited to have Harvin in our offense, but I wouldn't have personally made it myself. Schefter hinted at Harvin getting close to $16 million per. If that's $13 or $14 million, factored with the draft pick cost, it's like trading 3 or 4 good players for Harvin. So he'd need to be King Shit for us just to break even. I think he will be, and Seattle is at a place on their roster where 1 elite player means way more than 1 good player since our roster is so incredibly good right now. Still, I think we did okay, I think they did outstanding. Win-win, but they won more than we did, IMO.

    What many have been saying since the playoffs was that we don't have that one wide receiver that can put true fear in the opposing defense. In one move that has changed to our favor. This can be the equivalent of an extra 7-10 points a game. Considering that we lost almost every game last year by a touchdown or less this could be the difference in us making the Super Bowl game, and in fact winning it. That makes it worth it in my book. Also, just think how this will help our defense when we can jump out to even larger leads and the opposing teams have to play serious catchup in every game. That plays even more to our defense who will be much better rested with the offense having longer drives.

    Who knows. Perhaps we even do the unthinkable and roll off an undefeated season. That would be epic!
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