How do the Hawks address the D Line now?

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  • how do we know we can't steal a guy in the draft, and how do we know that second year guys like scruggs and howard don't step up?

    if clemons can get himself healthy and irvin has a good second year the situation isn't as dire as it seems. Especially with an offense that will put up more points and force other teams to take more chances that we can turn into turnovers.
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  • If we can keep branch and add one veteran DE like Osi, Abraham, or Freeney I think we can address the issue through the draft. We can also add a WLB that can get to the QB in the draft. With Harvin was have nearly solidifed an offensive juggernaut, but adding a TE in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, would be awesome. I can see us load up on DE's, DT's, and LB's with our 8 picks, and we should have two 7th round comp picks. maybe a mid round from Flynn and hopefully a 6th or 7th for Leon.
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  • I'm thinking we're going to blitz a lot in the 4th quarter with a lead. Gus is gone and I'm seeing us throwing a little more early and running the ball and blitzing to dictate games late, I'm calling 10 picks for Sherm next year.
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  • We're getting Abraham for sure. Hawk Blogger just predicted it, so that's a done deal. :mrgreen:
    "I cannot believe this............ I am stunned right now. This is now a rebuilding year for us. Our offense is crap now"

    Blitzer88 regarding trading Percy to the Jets
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