Cullen Jenkins Signs with Giants

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  • Yeah, Jenkins would be a solid addition on a shorter term deal. It's nice that he's not just a "situational guy" too. He provides some pass rush and can collapse the pocket on passing plays but he is also known as a very capable run stuffer as well. I just hope the price is right.
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Cullen Jenkins Signs with Giants
Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:31 pm

  • Didn't see him going to the Giants. Thought he was going to return to Green Bay. Guess not. He just signed for 3 years, $8M, $3M guaranteed.
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Re: Cullen Jenkins Signs with Giants
Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:39 pm
  • So I wonder how that sets the market for Richard Seymore or Dez Bryant. Probably more of what Seymore can expcet as Byrant is younger and due a bigger paycheck. I'm really starting to think we need to open the checkbook for Bryant. If we can get Bryant and an old DE like Abraham, Osi, or Freeney we will have done plenty to make me happy.

    I hope we Sign Dez Bryant for about a 5 year 35 Mil and I'd be ecstatic. (Mebane 5y $25m/Red Byrant 5y $35m)
    Then add an old DE for $2-$4m per for either 1 or 2 years and I'd be happy.

    I expect next year for Big Red, Zach Miller, and Sidney Rice to restructure or get cut, this will allow for us to resign some of the young core guys. No way all 3 of those guy see the amount due to them, there will be more cap space than we are projecting next year, so opening the checkbook to solidify our DT position this off-season with a guy like Dez Bryant would be a big move I could get behind.

    Paying big money for Mike Wallace or Cliff Avril I would not be good with.
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