The .NET 2013 Media year in review: SoundFX w/Robinson

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  • All,
    In hopes to get us through this dark and dreary offseason, we'll be revisiting one of the most exciting seasons ever for the 12th man by regularly posting a video that helps take us back to those memories.

    First, one of my favorites from 2013, featuring the comeback win against the Patriots with sound by the incomperable Michael Robinson.
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    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • Man! Everytime I watch this video, I just crack up about the 1:05/1:10 mark.

    RealRob: "What happened?!? What happened!!?"

    and, about 1:51 in:

    RealRob: "He gonna get a fine just cuz! Just cuz!"
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  • They blurred out Sidney Rice's butt. Hilarious.

    That was a great day to be in the stands.
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  • What a great win. I almost threw a football through my living room window I was so pumped. I was shaking so hard I couldn't even use my phone for like 20 minutes.
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  • I was in my seat (sect 124) and I had the most perfect view of that Rice catch. You could see Rice make his move and that ball was nothing less than perfect. I think Rice fell because the only thing he was concerned with was catching it.

    What a GREAT game for sound FX,

    Robinson (calmly) "that's six"
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  • The defensive stand was also incredible. They stopped Tommy comeback in his wheelhouse.
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  • This game was awesome. Down 23-10 I was just thinking "well, at least they tried. The pats are a good team, I guess we aren't there just yet."

    Suddenly, RW gets those 2 touchdowns. I was in complete shock. What a great win!
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