Can we please get Revis? Pretty please??

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  • Lady Talon wrote:You're right, but it does make it harder to improve it. Especially bringing in a 9m dollar cap hit CB and giving up high round picks. We have little depth at DE (our stud DE is coming off a knee injury and sure to be playing at about 2/3rds effectiveness and need to be rotated, unless he's Adrian Peterson) and a need to improve 3 tech DT badly. No guarantees you can find a home run DL in the draft or UDFA, and the franchise tag scenario left mediocre FA DTs primed for large contracts.

    You can trade future picks, or you could trade a future pick during the draft to grab a guy you need. GMs are creative. Personally, I'd rather trade a future pick than anything this year. The #25 and #58 picks are probably going to be much more loaded with talent than the late 1st and 2nd round options next year, IMO. In other words, you could probably figure a deal that doesn't hurt this year's resources all that much. It might cost a bit more, but it's an option.

    Scottemojo wrote:If this thread were about Suh I would concur.

    Suh would be so much fun, but I suspect Revis would have more value, even for us. With Revis AND Sherman, teams are going to be forcing passes to the Steve Breastons of the NFL.
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  • I dare say we all loved the well-roundedness of our D in 2012, except for...



    I get that Revis is the 2nd best corner in the game (pre-blown-out-knee anyway), but I DO NOT get why so many of us are going gaga for the notion of overloading a position that is already considered the best tandem in the league. Revis will want to be the highest paid CB, maybe the highest paid defender, in the NFL. Soon, so will Richard Sherman. Forget it.

    I vaguely remember the idea of Peyton manning in a Seahawks uniform last offseason. It got me excited. It didn't happen. Then our FO went and got us a QB who tied Peyton's rookie TD record and cost about 1/30 what PM did. In other words, we could pay 30 Russell Wilsons or 1 Peyton Manning. I'll trust Pete & John to upgrade our already elite D without breaking the bank for one guy, even if it is the 2nd best CB.
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  • I just wish we had a way to keep him away from the Whiners
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  • I kinda can't believe how much play this idea is getting. To me this is a no brainer. Absolutely not.

    The guy is a good player. I think he was once a great player, but I'm not sure he's on that same level anymore. Plus he's coming back from a very serious injury, and, maybe it's just my own opinion, but I don't see him pulling a Peterson.

    Plus, our defensive backfield is stacked already, and even if you consider him an upgrade over Browner, once you figure in the cost of his contract, I just don't think it's a good idea.
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  • If we were going to pursue a trade with another team and send them a boatload of draft picks and pay that player a good chunk of money, I'd rather it go towards a premiere pass rusher in the league rather than another DB.
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  • Treefiddy wrote:I just wish we had a way to keep him away from the Whiners

    Don't worry about the Niners. They're not going to be trading a bunch of draft picks for Revis because it doesn't make sense for them. They can't afford him and with his knee, nobody knows for sure if he is even the Revis we all think we know. They aren't even going to be able to retain Goldson. And, it damn well doesn't make sense for the Seahawks. The Seahawks already have two real good corners, one of which qualifies as a shut-down corner.
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  • Im just surprised no one mentioned that Revis and Sherman have had public beef with each other. So even if it were to happen, we'd have to spend some time getting those two to get along. Additional crap to deal with.
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  • gspin2k1 wrote:Im just surprised no one mentioned that Revis and Sherman have had public beef with each other. So even if it were to happen, we'd have to spend some time getting those two to get along. Additional crap to deal with.

    It is additional $$$$$ to deal with

    Don't believe for one second that Sherman signs for a penny less than Revis and probably demands at least one penny more than Revis if Revis is on the team.


    If Revis is not on the team I don't think Sherman will have the ego that demands exactly the highest amount for a CB even if it will be up there
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  • Revis = poison
    We don't want him.
    Send Lawyers, Guns and Money!
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  • It just seems to me that ROI of Revis wouldn't be very high considering the level the Hawks secondary plays at.

    Browner is the prototype Seahawk, the non-traditional body for the position, but gets awesome results. I like that, but I also like BB's dominance as a run-stopper. I was watching some analysis on Revis where his ability to tackle was pointed our, but BB can do that, while knocking the guy back to 1995 and getting the ball out while he is at it.

    If the Hawks get a DL player who can create pressure, it will amplify the secondary play by a factor of 3. I would rather spend money there and let our already nasty DB's reap the fruit.
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  • I doubt Revis wants to honestly come to Seattle based on the background of his and Sherman's silly feuding.


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  • We have 17 million in cap room and you guys want Revis who wants 13-16 million per year (QB money) I'm sorry but that's just stupid.
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