Unfortunate event

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Re: Unfortunate event
Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:48 am
  • There have been more and more events in prisons of this nature, the young lady in Monroe a few years agon here in Washington, Prisons cutting budgets cut back on gaurds like schools with teachers, more inmates and over population for fewer teachers and gaurds to keep track of and or educate.

    It doesn't take but a few seconds for a few inmates to incapacitate one person given the weapons that can be made in prison from toothbrushes and other basic items crafted or smuggled in. More crowded more tension more animosity, Gaurds are the authority there and get the brunt of it.

    Some of the deaths that have happened the state has just said we will invetigate, yet nothing changes much, a few more cameras here and there and back to business.

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