Martelluss Bennett?!

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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:52 pm
  • JKent82 wrote:If we go the FA route, I'd only want a cheaper pass catching first guy, ie Fred Davis or Jared Cook. Assuming one of their prices actually falls, I don't think paying a lot for one is a good route when we already pay Miller so much and have McCoy who is coming into his own in my opinion.

    Otherwise I'd be happy adding a pass catching joker style TE anywhere in the draft or a mid-later round more well rounded blocking type one, like say Travis Kelce. I think we could use a third one to at least compete with McGrath/Morrah.

    Fred Davis and Jared Cook were both franchised last year and will probably be again, they wont come cheap.
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:55 pm
  • Neither Davis or Cook are going to be franchised is the word going around.
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:50 pm
  • Do you guys think Bennett would be expensive?
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:20 pm
  • Yes, he had a good year last year. I think he costs a bit. I'd like him, and he fits, but I think he'd cost us too much.

    Here's a curveball: sounds like the Viqueens might release Carlson. Would we take him back as a 2nd TE for cheap ? And he would come cheap. Blocks better than McCoy that's for sure.
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:41 pm
  • Carlson is fragile
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:57 pm
  • Rather Bennett over Carlson, but Cook or Davis would be nice too. I think Davis would be the cheapest coming off of surgery. I could see a 3 year 18mil with 10mil guaranteed as reasonable for any of those guys, they will be looking for more but if the don't find it we can make them fit for at least 1 year maybe 2 then cut them if they don't max out their potential. I'd rather get DL help through FA than TE but I don't want us to sit on the sidelines and not improve our team. SF and STL have too many high draft picks to think they won't find some body's to drastically improve they teams. We have some ammo but we need to make smart decisions and bring in a few strategic pieces as well. Would I be happy if we got Bennett? Yes. Do I hope we get him? Not really, Only if he is the cheapest of the group of good FA TE's and we don;t intend to draft one in the first four round. Otherwise I'd rather use the draft or sign a cheaper guy who would bring more to the #2 spot than McCoy and even step in for Miller if he gets another concussion. He could be one more bad concussion away from ending his career I think he has had 3 now and that is getting up there.
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:18 am
  • When did McCoy struggle?
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:23 am
  • hawksman53 wrote:When did McCoy struggle?

    Immediately after he caught a pass...he needs to learn how to run lol.
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:58 am

Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:04 am
  • You know what they call a Martellus Bennett in Paris?

    They don't call him a tight end?

    No, man, they got soccer. They don't know what the **** a tight end is.
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:59 pm
  • I hope this is a joke. "Brick hands mccoy" really? Bennet wrote the book on dropping balls
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:05 pm
  • I can get drafting a TE because it's cheap but to spend cap space on one considering how much we pay Miller is pretty stupid.
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:59 pm
  • If Miller get injured or is out for an extended period our Offense will struggle. My opinion for the most important/critical players to our offense with the roster we have now.

    1. Russell Wilson
    2. Russell Okung
    3. Zach Miller
    4. Sidney Rice
    5. Max Unger
    6. Marshawn Lynch

    The drop off if one of these players gets hurt is quite significant. Now Flynn is a solid backup, but I don't see him leading us to 2 victories, on the road, in the playoffs.

    Okung is the anchor on our OL and he protects our teams most valuable asset in Wilson. Omylie steped in admirably when he had too but for a long period of time it would be an extreme blow to our offense.

    Zach Miller allows this team so much freedom in the run game, he blocks like a guard and catches like a WR. Without him i could see or run game drop off quite a bit and our WR's would also suffer for the respect showed to Miller up the middle.

    Rice would be a big hit, we currently dont have a big body to replace him and he provides the leadership to our WR corps.

    Unger would be hard to replace and has consistently improved to the point of being voted to the Pro Bowl

    Lynch is probably top 3 best on offense but RB's are easier to replace and if Turbin had to play 2 or 3 full games I wouldnt freak out, I think he might actually have better break away speed. Soo many time this year he was a hair away from breaking a big big gain and got tripped up
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Re: Martelluss Bennett?!
Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:35 am
  • Bennett = Vin Baker

    He'll balloon out once he gets his payday. Watch and remember who told ya.

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