Ideal FA LEO Solution?

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Re: Ideal FA LEO Solution?
Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:29 pm
  • The worst part about the Michael Bennett move was the fact that he started the season on the final 53 roster, and was waived 4 or 5 weeks into the season.


    He was waived in favor or back-up OL Kyle Williams back in October 2009 from the practice squad. I believe that Ruskell got too cute with roster moves, and assumed that Bennett would end up being placed on practice squad. If you remember, the Seahawks started the Season with 11 defensive lineman, with Nick Reed, Craig Terrill, and Derek Walker making the squad along with Bennett. They had also started the season with only 9 OL. Most knew the Seahawks would have to pick up an additional OL, and waive an DL. Ruskell had gotten away with waiving Walker, then adding him to the practice squad. He probably believed he could do it again with Bennett. He tried it a second time with Walker in December 2008, but the 49ers claimed him before he could be added to the PS. Williams was horrible, and waived again a few weeks later - essentially meaning we cut Bennett for nothing.

    Coutu was not on the roster after the final roster cut down to 53 for the 2009 season....The Seahawks carried 2 kickers during the 2008 season, not 2009


    So losing Bennett had nothing to do with 2 kickers or Coutu - but had more to do with choosing Nick Reed or Craig Terrill over Bennett and Walker. Those were certainly frustrating days
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