Anyone keeping track of FA posts?

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Anyone keeping track of FA posts?
Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:48 am
  • I have to sit back and laugh really at the amount of posts that people post as soon as a name of a FA or a cut is made. It's we should sign this guy or how would he fit here.

    We are not going to build ourselves with aged broke down injured expensive guys, we may bring in some people to look at or maybe spend some time in camp to give our young guys some savvy veteran competition to make them better when the YOUNG guys are on the roster during the season. No big veterans over 32 years will be here.

    Reasons are, they have too many years in the league and have a minimum salary.Rarely do they make a leap to a starter level if they have not already.

    Expensive FA's are not where this club is at anymore. Many of you want to sell out at all costs for a one year wish and prayer now that were close, thats not how this team has been assembled, like Green Bay youth and development of depth gets you multiple shots at a Super Bowl.

    Veterans that could make an impact at skill positions are not going to be a upgrade over guys we have by much for what they will ask in salary.

    Guys we may look at are players in their mid 20's that have been role players or guys possibly playing in systems that maye not compliment a skill set they have that this staff can recognise and bring in to fill a role.

    I know names can be easy to think of as a member of this team, but we have to look at that player now, not when he was at his best and on the rise. Teams rarely let reasonably good to great players leave a team while they are young and healthy.

    How many times did I read cut Miller he's too expensive, cut Rice he's to expensive, by todays contracts they are pretty reasonable. Flynns contract in conjunction with Wilson isn't bad either for that position. He knows our system, is a professional about where he is at, has shown he can come in and win games. Thats all more the Charlie Whitehurst had going for him before he arrived at a pretty good salary as well.

    I can't see trading away proven players that make us formable either, seeing trade Browner all over or trade Bruno, what does anyone think we will get in return? They are part of what makes this team as nasty as we are and many want that attitude we have traded away. Browner isn't suppose to be a shutdown corner, he's a matchup guy to stuff receivers, he does a damn good job of that from what I seen. Bruno is the enforcer and attitude on offense, he sets the tone for these guys and is the guy that is going to keep our skill players from getting kick in the balls, throat punched or many other things that happen during games form guys wanting to cheap shot our players. He's the guy that says screw the fine and penalty and takes the defender to the turf if they go to far. We need that guy out there. He is also getting much better in his play, lineman take years sometime to get to be at the top of their game.

    Anyway all this is a long way to say look at what the future of guys that are FA's could bring here and how they would fit what the Seahawks are using as their building platform rather then instant gratification because a guy is available. We don't do conventional anything here really.
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Re: Anyone keeping track of FA posts?
Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:56 am
  • I hear you Chris. Big name/big money FAs is not where this team has been or will be heading.

    Sometimes I drool at the thought of some player being available, and I can't help sometimes feeling a little disappointed when they always (well, almost always) go somewhere else. But we are building something special here, and sacrificing players that have proven themselves here in trades/cuts that don't really make a lot of sense in the long run is bad for the team and for morale.

    The hype machine will continue to churn, and posters will continue to scream "Let's get this guy!" But P&J know a lot more than I do about what they're trying to do and how to do it. Their track record of finding good players in obscure places has been pretty good so far.

    We're in for some exciting times. And the excitement will be on the field where it belongs, and not in the boardroom negotiating trades, deals, and contracts. The primary goal should always be the Super Bowl, not the draft.


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