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  • Walter football panning our draft so hard last year turned me off. He clearly didn't do his homework.

    Having said that, this is all part and parcel with having the #1 defense, the 2nd best running game (until RGIII's knee proves otherwise) and the best rookie QB. I'd say that those are hard facts to argue against.

    They key for us this year will be home play-off games and perhaps even a BYE.
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  • DavidSeven wrote:
    Coxal wrote:I'm not a huge walterfootball fan and I dont want to defend him (that's need to be crystal clear) but did you see someone who liked our draft last year? Did we get a better grade than D or C?

    I forgot how I found this video (think someone posted it in comments at the Times site), but this guy gave the Seahawks an A- draft grade, predicted Russell Wilson to be the Day 1 starter (in May!), gave great valuations to Irvin, Wagner and Turbin and highlighted Lane and Guy as potential contributors. Probably the most prescient analysis of a team's draft class I've ever seen, and especially impressive considering it was so against the grain at the time.

    That's EmDiggy baby! He was spot on wasn't he? This guy should be working for a major network.
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  • Current Vegas odds for the next Super Bowl winner:

    Broncos: 7-1

    Patriots: 15-2

    Niners: 15-2

    Packers: 10-1

    Seahawks: 12-1

    Ravens: 12-1
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  • I gotta give Emdiggy some credit.

    "If they start Russell Wilson, I have no doubt they will make the playoffs next year."

    Really, who else called that of all the major "pundits" ?

    He also called Wilson a close 3rd behind RGIII. The only other guy who saw that coming was Chucky. I love how he ripped up Kiper over the pick at the draft.
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