Which Free Agents fit in with the Hawks?

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  • we should get randy moss into camp and see what he's got left. he was pretty good for the 49ers.
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  • NYCoug wrote:Of course, I could be wrong. The team might try and make a huge splash or two and pick up some marquee free agents to create the feeling of the FO doing whatever it takes to get the best talent to Seattle to get a ring. What do you guys think? The marquee names approach or the "Always Compete" approach? Which type of free agents will be the best fit with this team and which type of FA will the front office pursue?

    I'd be really surprised to see the team make a splash, and here's a recent bit from a Peter King article that might shed some light on that:

    Peter King of SI wrote:Although there are four teams with more than $30 million in cap room with the dawn of free agency two weeks away, I expect this to be a stingy season for one of the best free agent classes ever.
    Why? Three reasons:
    1. The new young class of general managers are far more interested in building through the draft than with their checkbooks. Consider this point from one such young-turk general manager of a team that in the past has spent generously in the March free-agent market: "I'm more concerned with keeping our own team intact than spending money on players we could use, but who would create problems of their own." Although this team needs a wide receiver and pass rusher, this general manager fears the impact of high-priced imports on his locker room at a time when he's not going to be able to pay everyone big money.

    Tell me that doesn't sound like Schneider and the Seahawks being referenced there. I think people can kiss the Wallace/Bowe and Freeney/Umenyiora dreams good bye.

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  • Walker, Cook, and Johnson from Bengals could be great additions for the team.
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  • Kooshster wrote:Schefter just reported on twitter ( ... 0236952576) that the Lions released DE Kyle Vanden Bosch. I remember us taking a look at him a few years back, but him opting for a heftier contract with them. Thoughts? He's 34, so probably only a one-year contract, but might help hold down the DE position until Clemons comes back.

    Assuming, of course, we can't find an every-down DE in the draft.

    Book it...he'd do we'll here. Solid guy as well. Hard working overacheiver
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  • Wes Welker. I know he's got a lot of mileage on him, but if he has anything left in the tank, I think we should go after him. Who better is there at getting open, especially when a play has broken down and Wilson is scrambling around looking for someone to throw to?
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  • Delanie Walker would be deadly for you guys.
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  • DT

    Vanden Bosh



    Would only give a big contracts to DE Bennett, Johnson, or Kruger. Would pay a decent contract for Seymore, Alexander, or Bryant. The rest need to be bargins.
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  • Erebus wrote:I don't think a big splash is necessary. Just find a couple quality starters, such as Desmond Bryant and Jared Cook. I think we'll find it much easier to sign free agents now that we have a franchise QB, a top defense, and coming off a playoff appearance.

    I assume a TE like Cook would prefer to catch passes from Russell Wilson than Jake Locker. Seattle is also an ideal place for pass rushers to play. They'll get that extra boost from the 12th man, and also get a few coverage sacks with our great secondary.

    Spot on. Add to this a beautiful first class training facility, some of the best medical facilities on the planet and a hands-off owner.
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