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SEA-TAC and C-Link
Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:00 pm
  • That Walter Jones statue is huge! Has anyone that has met him seen the statue too? I wonder how close it is to actual size? It's cool that they have Seahawks related themes at the airport, and I know that Alaska Airlines had a plane named Seahawks 1. After this season, there will probably be a lot more Seahawks related sites and themes all over. :thirishdrinkers:

    Left Houston earlier tonight where i was visiting family and on my way home to Fairbanks, Alaska, with a stop in Seattle. Boarding in Houston were a whole bunch of 49er fans and boy were they bummed. :D

    I'm guessing they flew down from the PNW and points in Alaska to catch a connecting flight to New Orleans. They spent all that money for nothing.

    The thing I enjoyed the most tonight though was coming in to Seattle and seeing C-Link with the arch lights changing back and forth, green, then blue, then back to green. Makes me really excited for next year and what this team will do. Time to start my Seahawks budget for next fall. I really wanted to get down this year but was never able to break away from work. This time I'm planning months in advance.

    By the way, Houston is a crappy town. Taxes are unreal, people dont know how to drive (there are crash investigation sites all along I-45), and the exhaust fumes/pollution was nauseating! Saw somebody driving a brand new Lincoln Mk-Z I think it was, 65mph with their foot on the brakes. Every now and then they would let off of it but it was bizarre.

    Anyway, sitting here in the airport enjoying a cup of real coffee (something else I couldn't find in the south) and waiting on my flight to Fairbanks. Oh, and reading posts on .NET. :th2thumbs:

    Edit: the lights made me remember this video
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