ESPN2's Hey Rookie...with Wilson and Co.

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ESPN2's Hey Rookie...with Wilson and Co.
Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:31 pm
  • On right now. Covers behind the scenes stuff and interviews with all 5 rookie QB's this season.
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  • I turned just in time to see the Atlanta game...son of a...
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  • I turned in time to See the Skins beat down
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  • I started recording 14 minutes in. Haven't had the chance to watch yet but I'm stoked to see DangeRuss's progress, coaching, study, ect. GO HAWKS
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  • Let me know if anyone finds it online, thanks
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  • Looking at ESPN's TV listings it appears that there are two "Hey Rookie!" shows on ESPN2 this Sunday starting at 3 AM PST (part I) and 4 AM PST (part II). The website indicates the 3 AM showing description:

    "Life for first-year NFL pros is explored, from draft day to training camp. Featured: Andrew Luck (Colts), Robert Griffin III (Redskins), Dre Kirkpatrick & Devon Still (Bengals); Justin Blackmon (Jaguars)."

    The 4 AM has the following description:
    "Tracking high-profile first-year players through the 2012 season."

    So my recommendation is to record both just to make sure you get every ounce of Russell Wilson goodness!
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