Most memorable Moment of the Seahawks 2012 season

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  • What was your most memorable moment from last years season? With so many amazing things that happened in this franchise this past year that you start to nerp for more you are addicted to Seahawks football.

    I wanted to ask my fellow 12th a question that should put a smile on your face unless you want to look at a few mistakes that could have cost us a Super Bowl this year. I say lets think about the GOOD because it our future, our destiny that is being written. What was your favorite moment this past year? Was it the HailMary? Was it the Cowboy game? maybe the Patriots game? How about that Chicago game? or the 3 week stretch of slaughter ball against the Cardinals 56-0 Bills 50-0 49ers 43-13 149 pure dominance!!! How about the Redskins game?
    My favorite moments because your crazy to have just one were the 49er game because I was there and 10 rows up with a bunch of 9ers fans and we crushed them and I watched those fans go from we own this division to the Seahawks are back to dominating form. I loved it! But I l loved our playoff run and that last quarter of the Falcons game I had a sportsgasim when Russell Wilson took the lead I actually had a single tear roll down my cheek just to have it taken away.

    We are set for Big things! Guess if I had to have one overall great moment I will end with this .My wife is a big Russell Wilson fan she calls him boy of GOD! And she sees GODs work flowing through him. She hasn't paid much attention to football doesn't interest her, on Sundays she loves church. My wife is from Mazatlan home of the most beautiful women in the World! anyways we have been married for 9 years and she only liked the Seahawks because it is my team, she loves everything NYC. This season she became a fan and believes that he will win for many years with his spirit with this team. I believe that too! Never been this excited about this team and I have been a fan since 76

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  • Matt Bryant game-winning field goal.

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  • For me, there were two memorable moments that, when we look back years from now, will be definitive moments in Seahawk history.

    The first moment was the Wilson-Rice TD and the defensive stand that followed against the Patriots. It was the first time during the year that I really and truly saw our Hawks as serious threats to make some noise in the playoffs. It was the never say die attitude that they showed that made me a real believer that 2012 could be our year. We stood up to the mighty Patriots and showed them that their stranglehold of the NFL was coming to an end. We showed tenacity and a will to win. It also showed the Russell Wilson was not too short to be a quality NFL QB and that he could throw one beautiful down field pass. (The throw may very well be the prettiest throw I have ever witnessed made, regardless of who threw it. It was a thing of beauty.)

    The second moment was the two masterful drives Wilson led the Hawks in during the game against the Bears. Both game-winning drives brought the Hawks to the national consciousness. All of us Hawk fans already knew we had something special in Wilson by this game, but what he did against a vaunted Bear defense put him and the Hawks into every SportsCenter telecast, every Yahoo! sports blog, into every home in America. It helped to eradicate the evil taste the "Fail Mary" left in everyone's mouth. As Seahawks fans we complain about the East Coast Bias and how we really secretly love the fact we are forgotten about. But like all red-headed middle stepchildren we crave the attention, seek it out, and should love it when we do get it. The Chicago game brought that.

    Pete and John are creating a team us long suffering 12s are going to be talking about until we expire from this earth. Russell is the consummate leader that we have yearned for for years. Our time is coming. It will be a long championship off-season but when next season finally rolls around, Oh how sweet it is going to be.
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  • I liked the Blocked FG in the 2nd SF game. Harwell opened er up for Red to block it and then Sherm was off to the races! Epic!
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  • Pretty much the high from whooping up the Niners something fierce, that game couldn't have gone any better for Seattle except that mercy TD that was probably not even an actual TD catch by Walker on the 49ers last possession. Wilson making dudes miss, I remember thinking if he could do that (Buffalo, Cardinals) against the Niners then he could do it to anyone. That game was complete validation of Pete, John, and Wilson IMO.
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  • Too many to name. Russ - Sid game winning bomb to beat NE. 42-13. Shawn's 77 yarder vs DET. Every Golden Tate moment.
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  • That's a hard one cause there is so many.

    I think years from now, parts of Wilson's extraordinary season will stand out, but I think his future play will somewhat diminish his rookie season, cause he'll be playing at such a high level.

    But, Kam Chancellor's hit on Vernon Davis will always stand out. That hit was one of the best I've ever seen from a Seahawk and he did it against the team I despise the most. A team I will always hate. That hit alone changed the idea to me, that we will not only compete with SF for years to come, but that we can dominate them.
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  • There's way too many moments that I enjoyed about this season. But if I had to chose, I will go with the 42-13 beatdown on the 49ers. I was completely shocked that we beat them that BAD. Such a memorable moment their reactions were priceless.
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  • The 4th quarter of the New England game for me. That was the most exciting finish to any Hawks game I have attended in person. Close second was the epic San Fran beatdown. That was just so much fun the whole way through.

    My favorite personal moment was the cheers that I got from people in my vicinity in the stadium when, during a quiet moment in the 4th quarter I screamed: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARBAUGH YOU PIECE OF S***!" That was fun.
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  • I don't care what anybody else says....the split second of momentary ecstasy was Tate's last second, Hail Mary catch against the Packers! That was a "Mountain Top" experience! That catch launched our season!! :0190l:
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  • That Wilson to Rice TD against the Patriots is already burned on my brain as one of my favorite all-time Seahawks plays.
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  • Evil_Shenanigans wrote:I liked the Blocked FG in the 2nd SF game. Harwell opened er up for Red to block it and then Sherm was off to the races! Epic!


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  • I'd probably say the bomb against NE but I was in a damn Taco Time when it happened and was following on gamecast.

    The SF beat down was a blast, but the best was going to the Arizona game with my wife and witnessing that beat down (Thanks, Mark!)
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