Would you guys want the Seahawks to be on Hard Knocks?

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  • This team is young, brash and tough. I believe the idea that a team cannot have a great season after being on Hard Knocks is wrong--just takes the right team.

    With prior Seahawk teams I was reluctant, but no more. This team has already bludgeoned our "soft" label to death. There isn't anything this team cannot handle with confidence IMO. Bring it on!
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  • Never. I wouldnt watch if they were to give in. Thankfully i dont feel this will ever happen. "reality tv" blows anyway.
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  • No!
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  • Sounds like a bunch of scared old women!

    I would love the Hawks to get on Hard Knocks it would be amazing!

    They would be fine. No way it would have any effect on this team. Its debateable whether it has ever had an effect on a team at all (see the Jets, they suck either way.)

    Russell would probably start coaching up the producers
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  • Nooooooooo!!! Now and forever....NO!! It'd be the ultimate distraction. Hawks need to stay focused. Plus, I HATE "reality" shows!!
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  • NO NO NO!!!!!! We can watch the Real Rob Report instead. Much better viewing IMO.
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  • That's a negative, Rafterman.
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  • I've been reading that Hard Knocks is having a tough time finding teams that are willing to let cameras have an all-access pass to their training camp. They have a pretty large film crew for Hard Knocks, so it does get distracting when up to a dozen people with cameras, mics and clipboards come barging into the locker room after every practice.

    With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised to see HBO move on to NCAA Football training camps.
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  • sutz wrote:No. But then I've always thought that "reality TV" was a blight on American culture.

    Some things should be left alone. Training camp is one of them. Go elsewhere, please.

    At first I was thinking, "Yes!" for obvious selfish reasons. But then I read Sutz's "No. But then I've always thought that "reality TV" was a blight on American culture," and instantly agreed.
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  • NCAA would actually make a bit more sense in some ways. The players would enjoy the exposure as it would definitely help their draft stock.
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  • No Way
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  • They said no before, will say the same again.


    Don't need the distraction.
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  • I would much rather the Noners be on Hard Knocks. A little Hardouche love for the cameras. I know I said earlier it would never happen because he wouldn't ever allow it, but it would be worth the meltdown action.

    I wonder if Harbaugh bitches about holding and PI on his own defense in practice. Hard Knocks could show us that.
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  • Harbaugh hates the media as witnessed by his press conference responses, or lack there if, so I guarantee Hard Knocks will never feature the 49ers.

    I know that the distraction isn't worth it, but I am not sure your team would be that distracted over it as I am pretty sure that your team rose above every possible distraction they faced this year (Packer game, "You mad bro", Browner & Sherman's PED accusation). I think you guys have one of the most focused teams out there.

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  • the Brady "you made, bro" wasn't a distraction, that stuff was hilarious, because he really was.
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