Would you guys want the Seahawks to be on Hard Knocks?

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  • As a fan? Hell yeah!

    Pete pretty much slammed the door on it, so it's really a moot point.
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  • came here to say what's already been said:
    1) No. Not for anything.
    2) Real Rob Report is better anyway (if you haven't seen it, check it out on youtube, I think anybody could find some laughs in it, even if your team isn't the hawks)
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  • No on 'hard knocks' it turns the whole scene around the team into a media circus and problems between players get magnified.

    Real Rob is enough and always light spirited instead of investigative journalism styled.

    I totally loved the: "Is RW a really a robot?" bit and thought it was genuinely funny. John Moffitt is a funny guy and Mike Rob teases guys in a team like way.
    Until we develop a pass rush that will cause opposing teams to be forced to scheme to defend it we will never be able to consistently take the final step. The interior rush needs improvement. The OLine clearly still needs work.

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  • Can you imagine how crazy it would have been had Hard Knocks covered training camp last year, what with the three-man QB competition and Seattle signing Terrell Owens? There is no way that would have done anything but hurt this team.

    No to Hard Knocks. Have them go to New York again so we can witness the epic collapse of the Jets firsthand.
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  • I'd watch it of course, but no would never want them to do it.
    ImTheScientist wrote:This guy is the closest thing to beast mode we will ever see. You got a glimpse of that yesterday. He was instantly my favorite player when they signed him. Give the dude a chance and don't overreact or overthink preseason. Go Hawks. Lacy will rush for 1,100 and 10TDs. Bend the knee.
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  • See the destruction of showtimes 2012 "The Franchise" Miami Marlins.

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  • NO and... NOOOO

    We've got the Real Rob Report. Outside film crews would distract the team from focusing on football and interrupt practices.

    Thanks, but no thanks... Maybe Buffalo, Jacksonville or Cincinnati - poor performing small market teams that need to gain more exposure and energize a fanbase.
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  • I as a fan would love it, but I just don't see it happening as Pete and JS already said no to ding it once.
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  • No. The 49ers need to be on it. I'd like to see the coach go postal in practice
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  • Oh HELL no.. I could not see Pete OR Harbs allowing it. I would enjoy seeing Harbs dealing with them though. Pete would probably play up to it a little better, but Harbs would probably choke a bitch and get arrested for abusing the staff.

    I would never want that shit here.
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  • Wow, the off-season has truly begun when we get the "Seahawks on Hard Knocks" related threads.

    I think it would be cool if MRob could direct the show from beginning to end.
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  • sutz wrote:No. But then I've always thought that "reality TV" was a blight on American culture.

    Some things should be left alone. Training camp is one of them. Go elsewhere, please.

    Thank you! I can't believe fans would actually like a side-show drame like that happening with our team. TC should be ultra focused. To top it, off there are fans in this thread who bashed Holmgren for much less, but would give Pete a pass for allowing such a goat rope.
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  • Before we were a Super Bowl contender, I would have said "yes". But now that we are one of the better teams in the league, I want us to stay focused and so I would say "no".
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  • I would bet anything that if the Hawks were on Hard Knocks, RW3 would have won RoY, Carroll would have won Coach of the Year and Schneider Exec of the Year.

    I don't think the team would have let it be a distraction though I am afraid of letting other teams pick up things like our snap count ( ... --nfl.html).

    I would have paid anything to see the training camp battles, RW3 win over his team in the huddles, the coaching decisions and RW3 break down plays in the film room. Real Rob is great, but Hard Knocks/NFL films make excellent productions that always seem epic and there would have been no better start to our epic season.
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  • Didn't HBO approach us last year and we said no?

    As much as I think it'd be awesome entertainment for us to see the Hawks on Hard Knocks, I don't think it'll ever least not during the Carroll/Schneider regime. Seems like those guys are very protective of the players.
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  • I understand the no on Hard Knocks but to say that Real Rob Report is anything more than half the players begging off being on camera seems to miss what I find of interest to me regarding coverage of the team.

    Sure Hard Knocks is a nuisance and Pete has said he doesn't want the intrusion but can we be fair about what it is the RRR provides? There is a different look that you wouldn't get with Hard Knocks. But there are angles that Hard Knocks provides that RRR can never provide. They are separate animals and each have their own place.
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  • I think the 49ers would be far more suited for Hard Knocks... they could fill hours of fine entertainment just following Krap around to all his tatoo shops and then on to his tatoo photo sessions...
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  • Everyone here seems convinced that it would be a detrimental distraction.

    Would it?

    What are the chances that this young, energetic team embraces it and actually turns it into an advantage?

    I realize we're all expecting huge things for this team and we don't want any wild cards thrown into the mix to change the course of how things are going.

    I'm not saying I would welcome it, just throwing that out there for the sake of argument. We have about the most even-keel QB you could ask for on a team that embraces energy. I go to training camp practices routinely and I'm not sure having cameras there would really disrupt much of anything. Last year with the dolphins the only story was Chad Johnson, no surprise. Other than that it didn't seem to be very disruptive.

    Our young guys might get a huge boost being the feature of the show.
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  • I will answer the same way I always answer this question. Not only no, but hell no! No distractions needed in Seattle.

    “There’s no reason, with Mr. Allen and the fan base here and the stadium, that this can’t be a stable, long-term winning organization.” - John Schneider
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  • Hawknballs wrote:Everyone here seems convinced that it would be a detrimental distraction.

    Would it?

    What are the chances that this young, energetic team embraces it and actually turns it into an advantage?

    I'd love to think the best of this team's ability to drown out the noise, but then I think about that game in St. Louis following the MNF debacle. That was arguably the worst they played all year. Not saying the guys weren't prepared, but placing myself in that situation, I think it would be pretty easy to get a little distracted if ESPN was talking about your last game 24/7 for an entire week.

    I don't think this is something worth rolling the dice on.
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  • This team is young, brash and tough. I believe the idea that a team cannot have a great season after being on Hard Knocks is wrong--just takes the right team.

    With prior Seahawk teams I was reluctant, but no more. This team has already bludgeoned our "soft" label to death. There isn't anything this team cannot handle with confidence IMO. Bring it on!
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  • Never. I wouldnt watch if they were to give in. Thankfully i dont feel this will ever happen. "reality tv" blows anyway.
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  • No!
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  • Sounds like a bunch of scared old women!

    I would love the Hawks to get on Hard Knocks it would be amazing!

    They would be fine. No way it would have any effect on this team. Its debateable whether it has ever had an effect on a team at all (see the Jets, they suck either way.)

    Russell would probably start coaching up the producers
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  • Nooooooooo!!! Now and forever....NO!! It'd be the ultimate distraction. Hawks need to stay focused. Plus, I HATE "reality" shows!!
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  • NO NO NO!!!!!! We can watch the Real Rob Report instead. Much better viewing IMO.
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  • That's a negative, Rafterman.
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  • I've been reading that Hard Knocks is having a tough time finding teams that are willing to let cameras have an all-access pass to their training camp. They have a pretty large film crew for Hard Knocks, so it does get distracting when up to a dozen people with cameras, mics and clipboards come barging into the locker room after every practice.

    With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised to see HBO move on to NCAA Football training camps.
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  • sutz wrote:No. But then I've always thought that "reality TV" was a blight on American culture.

    Some things should be left alone. Training camp is one of them. Go elsewhere, please.

    At first I was thinking, "Yes!" for obvious selfish reasons. But then I read Sutz's "No. But then I've always thought that "reality TV" was a blight on American culture," and instantly agreed.
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  • NCAA would actually make a bit more sense in some ways. The players would enjoy the exposure as it would definitely help their draft stock.
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  • No Way
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  • They said no before, will say the same again.


    Don't need the distraction.
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  • I would much rather the Noners be on Hard Knocks. A little Hardouche love for the cameras. I know I said earlier it would never happen because he wouldn't ever allow it, but it would be worth the meltdown action.

    I wonder if Harbaugh bitches about holding and PI on his own defense in practice. Hard Knocks could show us that.
    The only concern I have and I mean only is that Bevell will get cute and pass even though Lynch is gaining yardage. 1/30/2015 - loaf
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  • Harbaugh hates the media as witnessed by his press conference responses, or lack there if, so I guarantee Hard Knocks will never feature the 49ers.

    I know that the distraction isn't worth it, but I am not sure your team would be that distracted over it as I am pretty sure that your team rose above every possible distraction they faced this year (Packer game, "You mad bro", Browner & Sherman's PED accusation). I think you guys have one of the most focused teams out there.

    The trash talking that I do occasionally this week is strictly for gamesmanship between opposing fanbases as a result of our upcoming matchup this week on SNF. It by no means should be taken personally.
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  • the Brady "you made, bro" wasn't a distraction, that stuff was hilarious, because he really was.
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