Do you think RW gets tired of being called short?

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Does Russell get tired of constantly being called short?

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  • I voted yes.
    It keeps him in motivation mode.
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  • I say no. He's been this way along time and is probably use to it by now.
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  • Just once I would like to see one of these interviewers do his homework.

    Talk about arm length.
    Talk about hand size.
    Talk about straight overhead delivery vs sidearm
    which makes those 6'3" guys 5' 10.5/8.

    Talk about film study.
    Talk about leadership.
    and talk about otherworldly calm in any situation.

    Instead they take the easy sophmoric way out.
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  • razor150 wrote:Umm, who cares? He's short, he breaks the QB mold, he'll have to get used to it.

    Question, do you think people get tired of every other thread on this forum being about Russel Wilson? This forum has a post about almost everything about Russell Wilson, even the pedantic. I am surprised degenerated to somebody posting "Do you think Russell Wilson wears boxers, or briefs, or boxer briefs?" We all ready have a post about him looking like the guy who played Fez. The hero worship is getting well beyond ridiculous levels. I like Russell Wilson as much as the next guy but I can barely read this forum anymore.

    Fair enough. But this is a Seahawks fan forum and we have never really had a quarterback with such an upside like Russell Wilson. Who was the last Rookie of the Year, quarterback, we've had? One who tied Manning's rookie TD pass record and had many incredible performances during the regular season and playoffs. From stomping teams into the ground with three rushing TDs, to coming from behind in a playoff game on enemy territory. Which he did with over 100,000 Redskins fans screaming at him, in one of the toughest stadiums in all of sports [for North America] to play in. So.. I think the countless Russell Wilson threads are justified. He is still relatively new to the team, give it time and the forum will come down a bit on the RW love.

    Anyway, you see how many threads are popping up with Wilson's name as the subject. Seahawks fans want to learn more about their new franchise QB. Not hear the same questions about his height. Yes, we all get it, he's just under 5'11" and the NFL is stacked with quarterbacks that are 6'2" to 6'5". He's at a disadvantage.. Now can we hear questions that we haven't heard thousands of times please!?! Anything! I'll even be interested in crap he likes to do for fun and questions that have nothing to do with football. Anything but questions about his height.
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  • Honestly, it would be annoying as shit if you prove everybody completely wrong and still have it brought up. So, yeah, I'm sure he is tired of it. Now, if someone came and said, "Hey, so, you're short, but you're amazing and proved everybody wrong. How's it feel to throw that in their faces?" That's not such a bad question or way to bring up his height.

    Everyone always asks the same question: "So, Russell, you're short as shit and have been forever. How does it feel to overcome that adversity and do you think it gives you a disadvantage that forces you to work harder?"

    It's such a stupid topic after this season, and I wish (it won't) it would get dropped once and for all.
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  • I voted no, only because I think he uses it as fuel for his fire. It puts a chip on his shoulder. He's going to go out and prove everyone wrong and show them "hey, I can be the best despite what you think of my height." And so far he's done it, and I imagine he will continue to. Honestly, I don't think the short comments will ever completely go away. I think when he's inducted in to the hall of fame people will still be saying "The only QB under 6' to be inducted to the hall of fame!" etc etc.
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