Kam, Seahawk Value?

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Re: Kam, Seahawk Value?
Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:44 pm
  • McGruff wrote:The Johnny come lately ruthlessness of this board is startling. Irvin and his rookie leading 8.5 sacks? Bust! Cut him!

    Yet these posts are just as dumb. Nobody said to cut him and you know it, but you can't make your point without sensationalising it to hell.
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Re: Kam, Seahawk Value?
Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:00 pm
  • Also keep in mind that everyone adjusts and gameplans and schemes against every other player. That's why you usually see a dropoff in production year 2 because adjustments have been made and tendencies have been notated.

    jkitsune wrote:People are way too reactionary to year-to-year fluctuation in a player's performance. Kam is only in his 2nd year of starting, was incredible last year, and merely good this year. He was injured, sure, but didn't play at as high of a level in general. Naturally, you tend to over-react to the most recent set of data and assume that it's going to be the trend going forward.

    Over both years, Kam has shown that he is a very good player, with good athleticism, excellent hitting ability, and decent coverage skills. He probably won't be a perennial Pro Bowler, IMO, but I suspect he'll make a couple more before his time is done, and that you'll feel silly looking back on this post, for having been so concerned after his second year was only "good" instead of "incredible."

    Kam has also done a great job covering TEs and RBs this year, and I can only recall one game where that wasn't true, and that was our last one. Another instance of remembering the most recent information more clearly - we forget that other great receiving TEs and RBs were essentially non-factors against us this year.

    I'm not worried about the guy at all.
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