Would bringing in a high-$ free agent mess w/chemistry?

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  • I'm totally down with Dorsey.
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  • Yeah...we'd have to be very careful, if we brought in a high-priced FA, about what we were getting and about what position it was at. Agree with folks who feel that in the secondary, it might cause problems, especially if the guy came in and wasn't as-advertised.

    I don't care who your leaders are or what you rationally "know" about the CBA, if you're playing at a crazy high level and getting paid peanuts and a guy at the same position is sucking and being paid 10x as much, it pisses you off. You're not going to say "oh well it was a good idea at the time to get us to the Superbowl...go team!!!" Money ALWAYS has the chance to mess with things.

    At DE or DT, where nobody has shown any ability to do squat at rushing the passer, it's a lot less of a big deal because it's not like anyone we currently have can say "hey wait I was already kicking ass there."

    Good leadership can't do everything so that comment sounds nice on paper. I put my trust in Pete and John. John to only go after the right guy at the right position at the right time, with the right contract. Pete to tell any new guy "okay you are now officially no more important than anyone else until you prove with your performance you are, and your ass will sit if I see someone better no matter how much you make. Exhibit A: our 5 million dollar bench ornament Matt Flynn."
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  • It would mess with our ability to re-sign the guys we have.
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  • Sherman, RW er understands the rules. They won't mind high priced FA that makes the team better.


    You also have enough room to sign those that contributed for a low value. Make sure there is cap room to take care of your own and a few FA signings. Spend the wad in one guy then you loose the locker room because they know there isn't any money left under the cap
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