Will Wilson Be Compensated To Appear In Pro Bowl?

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  • He'll be alright.
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  • I only hope that since they are being payed. They will actually play. The Pro-Bowl has been a joke for some time now.

    Cannot remember when I got payed for phoning it in, in my profession.
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  • shawnsim wrote:Cannot remember when I got payed for phoning it in, in my profession.

    Company softball game?
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  • He already got "Leied" based on the Airplane Photo. What more could he want.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • Pro Bowel may not be real football and not the greatest for fans, but I would think the players enjoy spending time with each other, their families and truly love the experience.

    I have been to many company trips with others on my industry (dwarf porn) and had a great time.

    The season is over. Enjoy the accolades.
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  • Russell was the only player to have his jersey tucked during the least from the pictures it seems that way.
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  • Hawk Strap wrote:I have been to many company trips with others on my industry (dwarf porn) and had a great time.

    Up until now I've just been an enthusiastic amateur, can you get me my big break?

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  • jkitsune wrote:I'm stunned by the number of people who are concerned about the financial well-being of a man making 6 times the median household income.

    I am personally not concerned with his financial well-being at all, but I have to point out that football career is extremely condenced.

    most of the NFL players play 5-6 years in the league (+ beat up their knees and joints into a mush while they are at it) and then they are out on the street trying to make ends meet. they truly deserve every penny they can get.
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  • [quote="Hawk Strap"]I have been to many company trips with others on my industry (dwarf porn) and had a great time.

    Yes but were you ever by far the smartest guy in the room talking down (see what I did there?) :) to a bunch of co-workers ...

    And in regards to salary -- makes the money in 5-6 years gets taxed at 50%-60% vs someone making less but continously for their life and taxed lower as they never have the peak years.

    There is a study out there showing how a guy going to UPS driving a UPS truck will make more than the average doctor based on a life-time. That study doesn't even account for the tax rate difference.

    Regardless - RW's millions don't change my bank account......
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  • 50k for the winning division, 25k for the other ones.
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  • I think everyone on the NFC side should pitch in an extra 1k for each of Russell's TD's. He clearly demoralized the AFC singlehandedly ascertaining the victory.
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  • I always thought that if you ask your employer for a certain amount of money [to do your job] and they're willing to pay it, then you deserve it.

    You can argue that NFL players are overpaid.. But the fact is the NFL owners are willingly paying these players the salaries they asked for. Union or not. The NFL agreed to the terms of the players union because they're making a profit off of them. When the players union strikes, the league can find replacement players. But they don't because the replacements cannot sell tickets, merchandise and advertising like the professional players can.
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  • Who cares???

    There has been times in my life I haven't had $50, let alone $50,000. For a group of people that are already paid obscene amounts of money, i am not going to concern myself if they miss out on 25k.

    If a bag with 25k parachuted into my yard today, it would TRANSFORM my life dramatically. 25k is chump change to them.

    A SMALL fine in the NFL would be something like 15k. If i got hit with a 15k fine, my family might be in a shelter. Most NFL players wont even flinch having to pay that.

    I don't want to see anyone have a 3-4 year career, blow their money, and wind up broke, but we already know Wilson is smarter than that, and barring catastrophe should have a career well over 10 years.
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