Are there any future Hall of Famers on our current roster?

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  • CANHawk wrote:Guys, Earl Thomas has TWO pro Bowls and TWO All Pro's. He was 1st team all pro in 2012 and 2nd team all pro in 2011. He started both years in the Pro Bowl.

    This is what I mean. He could legitimately be THE safety of his generation. If he stays healthy I do not see why he can't be a 8-10 time pro bowler and 6-7 time All-Pro.
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  • TDOTSEAHAWK wrote:
    CANHawk wrote:Guys, Earl Thomas has TWO pro Bowls and TWO All Pro's. He was 1st team all pro in 2012 and 2nd team all pro in 2011. He started both years in the Pro Bowl.

    This is what I mean. He could legitimately be THE safety of his generation. If he stays healthy I do not see why he can't be a 8-10 time pro bowler and 6-7 time All-Pro.

    Word up. Has there ever been such a thing as a "shutdown safety"?
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  • Thomas is an obvious choice because of his pro bowl and all-pro selections already. Sherman, potentially if he can keep out of trouble. Hell if Deion Sanders made it in? My gut tells me Wilson, but time will tell whether he continues his meteoric rise. I suspect that he will! Someone mentioned Mebane and he is another one that my gut tells me yes but reality sets in and the Seahawks have a nasty reputation of ruining folks shot at the HOF just because of the drought. Look how long Tez had to wait. A few Superbowl wins would rectify that in a hurry though!
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  • drdiags wrote:TDOT, Lynch's back makes me leery about him holding up another 4 years. I could see maybe 2 more before he becomes like Michael Turner with the Falcons.

    Lynch's style doesn't lend itself to a long career.
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  • firebee wrote:Potential Hall of Fame candidates???

    First, I'd like to say that I think some are vastly overrating our offensive line. Wilson 's mobility and Lynch's ability to break tackles makes our offensive line look a lot better than it really is. If we had a back that wasn't hard to bring down like McFadden or Bush and a pocket QB like Matt Ryan, Stafford or Manning; our line would've given up a lot of TFLs and Sacks this year. I'm not saying Unger and Okung didn't play well, but I am saying they didn't play as well as some are being led to believe. Okung has to stay healthy and keep playing at a high level if he wants to get in and Unger needs to limit the number of missed assignments by our offensive line if he wants to get in. Interior blitzers coming through free was a major problem for our offensive line this year, but I'm going to chalk that up to a lack of experience at the OG position.

    My Most Likely Potential HoF candidates...
    Richard Sherman, Brandon Mebane and Russell Wilson.

    My under the radar HoF candidate...
    JR Sweezy... This kid is going to be a monster at OG once he settles into the position.

    I love Mebane but future HOF? Dude hasn't even made a single pro bowl yet.
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  • John Ryan. Best punter ive ever witnessed. Guarenteed inside the 10. He just needs a ring.
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  • I think Lynch may have had a shot if the Bills had not sat him on the bench for a season and a half. That probably lost him at least 1,000 yards off his career total. He would be at about 7,000 now and only 2 or 3 seasons away from 10,000 at his current pace.

    As it stands, he will need at least 3 or 4 seasons at his current pace to make 10,000. And they aren't even going to seriously consider you until you hit that club. And even then it is not a shoe-in. A SB win would go a long way to get Lynch in the conversation. It's a tough road for him to get there as it stands currently.

    Thomas is the only guy I would say has a real shot at the Hall of Fame right now. Mainly because, like you said, he is on the media's list of premier players at their position. And he's still only 23 YEARS OLD. He could easily rack up a lot of Pro Bowls and All-Pro seasons as long as he keeps playing at a solid level. Getting on the media's good side is the key to the HOF, and Thomas is already in that group.
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  • I hope we have at least one. The key here is if any do make it, make sure they enter the HOF as Seahawks and not as Cowboys, Giants, or Stealers.

    I hope we wrap up the right guys long term, it's not the same now that many players play for 3-4 teams. I miss the days when players spent an entire career (or at least the bulk of it) with one team.
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  • Id say honestly Wilson and that's about it. A few are a longshot I guess.

    I just know Wilson will get in one day though. Next year is looking ripe for his first ring.
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  • Thomas maybe, Unger maybe, Okung maybe.

    If Lynch and Wilson can get a ring they are the most likely candidates to make it though.
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  • It was very difficult for Cortez Kennedy to make it, and Ken Easley didn't make it. I think those two factors need to be kept in mind. There is nobody on our team right now who come close to comparing to Easley and Kennedy in natural talent. Easley had double digit int's in a season. That's very rare. He also played CB, both safeties, LB, and returned punts and played all special teams, plus was widely known as the hardest hitter in the league. Sure his carer was shortened, but there's quite a bit of comedy to me when folks say that Sherman is on his way. I think Mike Reinfeldt once had 10 int's in a season early in his career, and have yet to see him in the hall of fame.

    Dave Brown isn't in the hall of fame. That guy was a complete shutdown corner.

    The only players we've had who have been really well known and widely known like Tez and Easley from day 1 in their careers are Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas. Earl is solid, but isn't like Bob Sanders in that he is spectacular (Sanders was always hurt, but to me he was a completely spectacular player that was involved in every play). Russell Wilson had a great rookie year, probably equivalent position wise to Easley's early years comparatively. Russ needs to have a season like Tez had in 1992 and every other year of his career needs to be like this season, then he has a chance.

    Safeties aren't guys who easily make the hall of fame. QB's, RB's typically make it. Even RB's have a hard time (although I find it comical that Thurman Thomas is in... the guy had a low average YPC and just never seemed that great to me). I think if Richard Sherman was in his 7th or 8th year and still playing like this and was playing in New York they'd refer to him as "Future Hall of Famer Richard Sherman". But this was his first full season. For all we know, everybody will figure him out and he'll have peaked this past season. You just never know. Look at other guys who had lots of picks early. Mark Carrier did, and he isn't a hall of famer. He faded away quite quickly, but was one of the best DB's in the game from week 1 as a rookie and then got figured out and seemed to get worse and worse. It happens.
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  • Agree about Bob Sanders Shark. It's not a coincidence that the only Super Bowl Peyton Manning ever won was in the only season Sanders was healthy the whole year and through the playoffs.
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