Will they sign a 'big name' player like T.O. this year?

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  • a Veteran who has a huge named like Osi that would get the competition way up. I know T.O. was a huge failure dropping everything in the Pre-Season. But do you think if we got a big name D-Linemen would drive competition up? I wonder how the new guys and current veterans like Bryant and Clemons would react seeing as those are two of the more vocal leaders on the D-line.
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  • Osi could be a real possibility. I think we liked him last year, but were unwilling or unable to make a trade. The numbers matter, given his age, but he might be good for 2 years.
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  • Randy Moss , Matt Hasselbeck
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  • Chad Johnson maybe?

    Im all for signing a vet like Osi to a 1 or 2 year deal
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  • I hope not.
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  • I'd love to bring in Osi
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  • If they bring him in with the same contract type I would not be against it, brining him in with a superstar contract I say no.
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  • Henry Melton is my #1,2 and3.
    Get him!
    I'm also interested in Reggie Bush if the price is reasonable (which it likely will motor be).
    Leon is still more than solid, however.
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  • *not
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  • I just don't see our people operating like this.

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  • Hope not.
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  • Agreed on Henry Melton
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  • I think Greg Jennings may be an option.
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  • I don't care about bringing in a veteran. We have shown that the hawks can be very successful with young players. I say keep drafting great rookies and maybe trade for a solid player who's been in the league around 4-5 years
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  • It worked for the 49ers
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  • The Radish wrote:I just don't see our people operating like this.


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  • This FO is about getting the job done on the field, not about making a pointless media splash. They can spot, and avoid, empty-tank big-name veterans. (They'll let them all compete, of course, and keep the ones who do have something left in the tank and can improve the team)

    That said, I think there's a legit shot we sign Tebow and bring him here. He's probably available cheap, and he'd be a #2 QB who could physically do a lot of the things Wilson does. Not to mention seeing some snaps at H-Back, tight end, and fullback. A few years of good QB coaching (and being around RW) and Timmy might get better at the "reading defenses" part of the QB job.
    The more I think about it, the more Tebow would actually be a great fit in Seattle. Right now, I think Tebow would probably settle for a job where he knew he'd get to compete for the #1 job, and he'd get the call as the #2 if the #1 QB was unavailable. He got totally screwed over in NY last year when they bypassed him for McElroy. Of course he is #2 in the competition to RW's #1, but I bet in competing and learning, Tebow could become effective, and if RW was unavailable for 2 months, Tebow could win some games for us. In the meantime, he'd probably get 10 snaps a game on the offensive side, and be a beast on special teams.
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  • OSI= washed up.
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