Has the new Schedule been announced?

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Re: Has the new Schedule been announced?
Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:12 pm
  • Largent80 wrote:I was wondering if the schedule has been posted, I couldn't find it.

    Yes, Rob.

    Despite this season not being complete, the NFL released the schedule for next season 3 months early, yet there is a glaring absence of any 20 page threads on the front page of Seahawks.NET discussing the schedule, prime-time games, our opponents, road trip options, etc...

    Cmon, man. What the Hell do you think?
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Re: Has the new Schedule been announced?
Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:54 pm
  • seahawks-in-qc wrote:Hey
    Thanks for all your answers.

    Also I saw that I can put a deposit for a game next year. The deposit is $100.
    I got some questions about that.

    1) If I make a deposit, do I have to pay the ticket + $100, or they will substract the $100 of the final value of the ticket that I will buy?
    2) Do you really need to make a deposit? Or I can just wait until they are officially on sale and be sure to have a ticket?

    Quick reminder: I'm buying only 1 game ticket. I will be there alone. I'm not coming with a big group. So I guess it will be easier for me to have a seat?

    Thanks (sorry bad English, Frenchie here)

    The deposit is ONLY for season tickets.

    You don't want to put down a deposit if you just want a single game ticket.

    The public does get a shot at single game tickets, but they sell quickly. The best move is to find a season ticket holder who can buy additional tickets before they go on sale to the public...
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Re: Has the new Schedule been announced?
Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:50 pm
  • Largent80 wrote:Yeah, We are trying to plan out our trip. We will stay for a week and head over to my favorite rock climbing spot Icicle Canyon in Leavenworth as well as getting up with all my crazy friends at the game.

    Garth (Riley12) has offered me tix as a wedding present....What a great guy he is.

    I did some climbing there a long time ago on a fishing trip. Been wanting to go back. Beautiful area.
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