The Start of a Seahawks Dynasty?

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Re: The Start of a Seahawks Dynasty?
Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:34 pm
  • BestInTheWest wrote:People wonder why I just joined the forum. Well look how I get treated. Called a traitor. Hey it's not my fault, just don't think there is any solid evidence that this team is a start of a dynasty. Getting to the SB(and winning) is a first priority, and we can't even manage to get to that. I mean I could go on to the Redskins board and they have a dynasty too, because getting to the playoffs is what makes a dynasty. Look at all the young talent there. Or the Falcons, they beat us, future dynasty. Or the 49ers, it's nearly two SB's in a row, that's definitely not a dynasty. We haven't proven anything besides that maybe we can win on the road. I mean a dynasty, not reaching or anything here, seeing how there hasn't been a dynasty since Tom Brady 5-6 years ago, but we are going to be a dynasty.

    I just don't see it. Our division is getting stronger, and there are still teams better than us out there. Is that a start of a dynasty? Are the Falcons the start of a dynasty? Texans? Not to mention the Colts being a dynasty because talent makes dynasty's. Luck and RG3 both had just as good as a season as RW, but they aren't going to be dynasty's because we are so much better. Dynasty's are made by winning championships, not being a good sometimes fantastic football.

    But what do I know!? I'm a 40 whiners fan I guess, because it's bad to think that this team needs to at least win a Super Bowl to even be remotely, remotely considered a possible dynasty. Because apparently it's really easy to do that. Especially when we can't even win a SB, but we sure have potential to be a dynasty. Get my point? Probably not.

    Differing opinions are maybe not always treated the best, but they're allowed.

    No, you're being called a 49ers troll because you singled out the Rams as having the teams you want and because you're breathlessly praising the 49ers with the name BEST-IN-THE-WEST. Either you have a seriously bad case of compartmentalization or you're not a Seahawks fan.

    And you say we're the idiots.
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Re: The Start of a Seahawks Dynasty?
Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:44 pm
  • We're really not a very good team, and we could barely beat the Redskins who are probably the worst playoff team in history besides our team a couple years ago that somehow made it to the SB.

    0 Super Bowls, a second round exit, and a HC who gives playoff games away. That's not the makings of dynasty. That's the making of us being behind the 49ers and Rams for the next 5 or 6 seasons. 49ers and Colin Kaepernack are just too good, and the Rams are building what I wish we had.

    What a sec, your handle is called bestinthewest yet you bash the Hawks by saying we're behind the 9ers and rams for the next 5 or 6 season, that we're really not a very good team and that the 49ers and Colin Kaepernack are JUST TOO GOOD, AND the rams are building what you wish we had????

    Fer cryin' out loud if you're not a Niners fan I don't know what you are but a Seahawk fan you definately are NOT! I smell a Niner troll.
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