What FA receiver would you want?

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What FA WR would you most like to have?

Greg Jennings
Dwayne Bowe
Mike Wallace
Wes Welker
Total votes : 174

Re: What FA receiver would you want?
Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:18 pm
  • kearly wrote:I lean towards Welker. He was good before NE. He's not playing his age yet, and fast players tend to age better. He'd sign a shorter contract because of his age. Welker is the best slot WR in the NFL, he'd be an enormous upgrade over Baldwin. He is very hard to defend, and can get open at will. He's even a deep threat.

    I'd be very surprised if New England let him hit UFA, but if they did, I'd love to see Seattle schedule him a visit.

    Problem is, not only is Baldwin fine in the slot but slot guys are a dime a dozen. I think we need an outside guy more than anything else who can beat press coverage. Wallace is the superior option.
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Re: What FA receiver would you want?
Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:27 pm
  • Wallace would be a huge upgrade and fit well with Wilson...but at what cost? You can expect his new contract to about a 5yr $55mil with $26m guaranteed ... itzgerald/

    Rice's is currently 5yr $41 mil, If we bring in a $$$ FA WR like Wallace you can bet we will not be resigning Tate after next season to anything but a modest contract.
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Re: What FA receiver would you want?
Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:52 pm
  • My personal choice would be Mike Wallace.

    There are a lot of criteria that should be kept in mind.

    Team Need:
    In this regards, Mike Wallace makes the most sense. We don't have an elite speed WR who can stretch the field and open the underneath routes for our TE and slot receiver, and pull a LB or S back from the line of scrimmage to make things easier for Lynch.

    Also Wallace would play to our QBs strength of a cannon plus arm, and our team's offense would have the capability of striking from anywhere on the field.

    Wallace wins.

    Out of the four FA WRs mentioned, Wallace is the youngest and freshest, followed by Bowe, then Jennings, and lastly Welker.

    We don't want a WR who has a lot of mileage on him, it's safer for us to go with someone younger.

    Wallace wins.


    Not much to comment, Wallace is the winner here.

    Wallace wins.


    Order from tallest to shortest is Bowe, Wallace, Jennings, then Welker.

    Bowe wins (with Mike Wallace second).

    Previous QBs
    I think the QBs for these FA WRs should also be taken into account. Try to look for the WR who has done the most with the least help/talent around him. If we talk about elite QBs then we should take out Welker and Jennings, since Brady and Rodgers respectively were throwing to them. They are most likely to have benefited from phenomenal QB play.

    And if you look at it there is truth to it. Jennings was out and Rodgers was able to keep the engine running quite well without him, throwing it to Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, James Jones, and Jermichael Finley. Same with Welker. Even when Belichick was sitting Welker in favor for Brandon Lloyd, Julian Edelman, Aaron Hernandez, and Rob Gronkowski, Brady was still keeping the offense rolling. It wasn't until alternating injuries to Hernandez, Edelman, and Gronkowski that Belichick was forced to go back to Welker.

    On the other hand, Wallace had only a good, but not elite, QB throwing to him on an aging team with less offensive talent compared to the Patriots and Packers. Bowe had a mediocre QB throwing to him on a horrible Chiefs team. Wallace and Bowe had success with less going for them the last few years, so in this category Wallace and Bowe would win.

    Wallace and Bowe win.

    Quality of Opposing Defenses:
    Next we should probably consider the strength of the passing defense these FA WRs have had to face, and mostly focus on defense within their own division since that is the only constant year in year out, plus they play 6 games against divisional rivals every year.

    Now I don't want to type it all out, but in my personal belief Wallace (AFC North) has had to face stronger defenses overall the past several seasons compared to Bowe (AFC West), Welker (AFC East), and Jennings (NFC North).

    Wallace wins.

    So all, in all, I think the obvious choice would be Wallace here. Now I know that you can't 100% accurately predict a free agent's success on a new team based on only the above criteria, but I think it does lay an argument and statistical likelihood for a particular player over another. And in that case, I believe it is Mike Wallace.
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Re: What FA receiver would you want?
Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:46 am
  • I chose Wallace but I think our FA money will go toward DT/DE and OL. We have 10 picks so you can bet JS & PC will fill our needs in the draft moreso than free agency.
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Re: What FA receiver would you want?
Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:23 am
  • Wallace is the best one available
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Re: What FA receiver would you want?
Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:31 am
  • SalishHawkFan wrote:I'm frankly surprised that Welker isn't the overwhelming favorite. Incredible hands. Always gets open. Think Rich Man's Bobby Engram. Wilson won't have to scramble to buy nearly as much time with Welker out there. Guy is the best slot WR in the NFL and possibly the greatest possession receiver of all time. And he's not shown any signs of letting up.

    All true, but we already have a quick possession type slot receiver.........his name is Golden Tate. It'd make no sense to go out and give Welker a big contract.

    What we need is a burner receiver on the other side of Rice to stretch the defense. Therefore none of these choices make sense except for Wallace.

    But having said that if we know Carroll and Schneider, they're going to try and address that need in the draft. You're already paying Rice big money, I doubt our FO wants to have that much cap space tied up in the WR position by signing another high priced free agent.

    If this teams spends money in free agency, it's going to be on the lines.
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