Expectations for Wilson next season

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Realistic expectations for Russell Wilson next season

Picks up where he left off.
Has a statistically worse year.
Improves in TD/Int ratio
Has a sophomore slump.
Performs light years ahead of 2012 season.
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Re: Expectations for Wilson next season
Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:38 pm
  • I agree with 1.3 and 5, so I choose 5
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Re: Expectations for Wilson next season
Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:04 pm
  • The important question is: what kind of year with Lynch have? And if his ailments catch up to him, will Turbin fill the void?

    Wilson's going to be fine.
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Re: Expectations for Wilson next season
Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:16 pm
  • The question is whether or not the league learns to set the edges and really stop these QBs who can buy time and get away. Next year could be different but I doubt it, not by much. Russel just doesn't get sacked. I thought he looked nervous and iffy in the beginning of the year, but he kind of made his own art of scrambling, he figured it out.

    I'd have to think many of those plays didn't turn out as drawn up, but successful nonetheless. Due to Russell just finding space to throw. A little 'out of control' but at the same time, totally in Russel's control. That would usually make me nervous, depending on such play to win, but the dude sets the rookie TD record doing it.

    It depends on how the team wants to move forward. And that depends on how the league adjusts, but I think it's safe to say there's going to be a whole lot more of Russel avoiding sacks like a family circus cartoon (...the little line drawn all around the field, I always think that with, and completing passes. Things looking up for RW.
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Re: Expectations for Wilson next season
Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:16 pm
  • themunn wrote:
    WestcoastSteve wrote:Only 4 interceptions? I don't think any QB has started 16 games and thrown only 4 interceptions.

    70% completion rate? You realize that's only happened once right?

    I love Russell but pass the homer-ade.

    Brady had just 4 interceptions in 2010.

    I think Wilson will continue with the form shown in the final 8 games of the season, which is MVP-worthy. We also face 8 defenses which ranked in the bottom 12 in pass defense this season past - and in that 8 game spell to close out the season, Wilson faced FIVE top 10 pass defenses out of a possible 9 (obiously he can't face us).
    It's not out of reason to believe he could have a high TD low INT season - though I don't know if I agree with 4 INTs and 70% completion, I'm thinking more like a 35-6 season with between 5 and 10 rushing TDs and 67% completion

    I believe you are very close to what shall occur. Wilson has taken the WRs aside and they are all on board with "The Separation Is In The Preparation" thing 100% He is making many plans and scenerios in his mind and sharing these ideas with the WRs from the films he has studied. Once the rookie he has risen by his own will and dedication to his plan to the undesputed leader of the Seahawk offensive players. There isn't a player on the Seahawks team that doesn't know that there is no QB playing in the NFL that could have done what he did that afternoon in Chicago. There is no QB playing in the NFL including Brady that could have done what Wilson did in Atlanta. Brady played lights out at home in an attempt to come back from the 9ers but that was in NE.

    I've never heard of a QB and recievers on a winning team not take off immediately after their last game.

    There WILL be separation for his recievers and Wilson will find them because he NEVER stops looking downfield.

    Next year is going to be so exciting that I cannot stand the anticipation.

    Other coaches will try to stop him but by gametime next fall Wilson will have seen it all and be ready.

    His recievers will have seen every coverage that has been played and they will be ready.

    Hail WILSON!!!!!
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