VP John Idzik interviewing to become Jets GM

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  • I guess the Seahawks are doing something right. Around the league people are trying to poach us. Personally I see it as a positive. If they're getting promoted elsewhere it just proves that Pete and John hire good people, so I trust that they'll hire more good people to replace them and bring new, fresh idea's. ... for-gm-job
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  • Where is the negative energy coming from? I don't understand the narrative that we have morons running this franchise. Clearly that is not the case.
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  • Come on Paul. You can out pay other teams for FO personnel. There is no cap to buy the best coaches and FO people. Screw the rest of the league. Let's keep what is working.
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  • Read this yesterday, Jets situation is more of a token GM position it appears, no real power due to Ryan.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • Seahwkgal wrote:Come on Paul. You can out pay other teams for FO personnel. There is no cap to buy the best coaches and FO people. Screw the rest of the league. Let's keep what is working.

    I dont think its that, i think its more that our FO are getting opportunities to be the "big dogs" with all the power elsewhere, while here, theyre much more limited. Its not really something im surprised about
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  • Man....i don't like other teams taking our guys from us.
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  • I can't imagine anyone that comprises half a brain going to the Jets.

    I wouldn't even be the damn water boy for them!
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  • I favor this perspective.

    There's always a better person out there for every job.

    If you don't change personnel, you'll never get an opportunity to be influenced by the best.

    Embrace change. It's what we should be living for.
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  • I think the Jets job might actually be a good one. There's not way but up and Tom Brady won't be around forever. Deal with Sanchez for ONE year, then get yourself a good QB. Might even be in the Johnny Football sweepstake ...if you stink long enough and can justify it on Sanchez.
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