So in reading all of your expert opinons

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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:Bring back TJ!

    NO! Charlie!
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  • The OP combined the opinions of multiple people, took them out of context, and mashed them all together.

    That sounds the recipe for a well-informed and realistic thread to me.
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  • chris98251 wrote:Panties in a bunch much guys, it was a compilation of the crap I have been reading over the last few days, some emotional, some pulled out of peoples asses, Oh and Scott that pedestal your standing on looks a bit wobbly, better put some screws back in it since there seem to be a few loose.

    It wasn't a crushing defeat, we shot ourselves in the foot. Crushing defeat is what we did to the 49ers.

    Have we got so full of ourselves we can't see things in any perspective but harsh and damning if something doesn't go our way. That every poster that stands and tries to look at something reasonably is damning everyone else.

    :sarcasm_on: Good thing we have cap room and lots of draft choices to replace all the scrubs we have on this team I guess. I'm sure Whisenhunt or maybe Mora might take Petes job, and Behring may still want to buy us and move to LA so we do not have to worry about anurisms and heart attacks anymore. I;m sure with all the failings of players that Ruskell will be issued back in for Schnieder as well. :sarcasm_off:

    Because obviuosly it's hard to tell for some people.

    You can see all of that from up on your pedestal? Hilarious that you're calling Scottie out for pointing out your high horse.

    How is this thread constructive?
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  • Poop! Shazam! Pajamas! Flappindad!

    Now that's what I call constructive!
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  • It was tongue and cheek, it was sarcasm, it was Jesus the sky is falling. I think I may just fade to black for a while, there is way to much time given to being way over the edge here lately. People act as if life stopped in Atlanta, where I see it as a great beginning. I think of Matts WE want the ball and were gonna score statement when we lost in Green Bay and look at this season as the launching pad as that day was to come back with more piss and vinegar and relentless pursuit of not being denied again. This team is so much younger then that one was and it can carry them for years.

    We have everything we wanted here and just need consistency and expereince both as players and a staff.

    Anyway have a great off season everyone.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • HawkFan72 wrote:The OP combined the opinions of multiple people, took them out of context, and mashed them all together.

    That sounds the recipe for a well-informed and realistic thread to me.

    Sorry, that recipe is already taken. It's copyrighted by ESPN and sold under license to the NFL Network.
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  • chris98251 wrote:Get Rid of Bevell, Bradley, Pete, ownership is wimpy and to forgiving. Get rid of Flynn, Bryant, Branch, Jones, Irvin, Scruggs, Chancelor, Sweezy, Moffit, Carpenter,Giocomi, Clemons since he's old and won't heal, Browner can't cover, Guy, Millers to expensive and doesn't produce, McCoy to inconsistent, Trufant and Hill old.

    Did I miss any?

    This after being one game away from the conference championship.

    This post is unqualified. The OP reads a few, very few, crazy comments and then posts it like it's the view of the majority. The OP is about as ridicules as comments referenced.
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