RW - top 5 / 6 according to Cowherd

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Re: RW - top 5 / 6 according to Cowherd
Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:23 pm
  • onanygivensunday wrote:
    lukerguy wrote:
    MANUNITED23 wrote:Definitely. I can only say that Rodgers, Brady, Manning are better. Brees is about the same except Russell has a much better arm.

    Brees just broke the single season passing record- I'd give him a bit more credit than that..

    The benchmark for judging the top QBs in the league is changing.

    Brees is part of the old school.

    Russell is part of the new school.

    I'm not sure how this makes your point? RW styles his game after Brees. He only runs the read option because it was effective and he can. If RW could have his way, he'd run the offense JUST like Drew.

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Re: RW - top 5 / 6 according to Cowherd
Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:54 pm
  • perfect topic to come across seeing as i had just looked up bree's career numbers earlier.. bree's didn't have a season like the one russ just had until his 4th year in the league.. and they shared some similarities in having a rb that went for 1600 yards lt had more tds.. but he had one of the best receiving weapons the game has seen in the past 10 years in antonio gates blow up in 2004.
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