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Re: Fumblemode!
Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:11 pm
  • Not even concerned in the least. Lynch just doesn't fumble a lot, considering the number of carries and how often he is in a HUGE pile of guys trying to strip him it is crazy that he doesn't do it more.

    Helmet on ball? Almost impossible
    Hand to the nuts distraction? Even more so.

    The Bears were known for the strip and he lost one there, but really... For a guy that scoops a ball up on the run and gets a 19 yard gain there is nothing there to worry about.

    Lynch is one of the elite RB's in the league, period.
    The only concern I have and I mean only is that Bevell will get cute and pass even though Lynch is gaining yardage. 1/30/2015 - loaf
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Re: Fumblemode!
Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:49 pm
  • It has alot to do with his running style. I never fumbled once as a receiver, but i never ran very hard either (I always tried to get as far as i could after the catch, but since i was kind of a slow slot receiver i usually got hit directly after the catch, and when i got tackled i always made sure that my body was in a way that the ball was away from the tackler instead of trying to run people over). Im not very strong either (haha I was one of the least beastly guys on the entire field ;D) so the point i´m trying to make is that holding onto the ball is not that dependent on strength and how hard you hold onto the ball, it has alot to do with how much you expose the ball. If I had to take 20 hand offs/ game and go up the middle and get hit straight on by linebackers and stuff, i would have fumbled for sure.

    When i ran after the catch, if i had the ball in the left arm, i made sure to absorb the tackle with my right shoulder, wrestle my way down to the ground if i was held up so that no one would even have the chance to strip (i actually invented a term for this "active ball defence" ;D, and since im kinda small and easy to bring down, i usually flew to the ground on the first hit before there was any opportunity for a strip. I know this isn't exactly textbook "tough football behaviour" (YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR EVERY INCH; RUN PEOPLE OVER, BRING THE PAIN AND KEEP YOUR LEGS MOVING yadayadayada ;) ) but i did achieve my goal to never fumble.

    Beast mode on the other hand is the complete opposite, running EXTREMELY HARD, straight through people. It is imposible to employ his running style and still use active ball defence (going to the ground in a pile is the total anti beast mode). I do get frustrated that some of his fumbles just seem to be lack of concentration, but we get so much in return for his aggressiveness that the ocassional fumbles are worth it.
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Re: Fumblemode!
Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:56 pm
  • JonRud wrote:I am still trying to figure out why our guys keep fumbling as they cross the goal line. Seems like there is some sort of invisible laser that keeps popping the ball out as they hit the goal line.

    Defenses are getting sick to death of him getting all those extra yards after contact, and have key'd in on trying to helmet, gouge, punch or kick the ball out of his hands,,It's the only answer they have to the BEAST.
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Re: Fumblemode!
Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:06 pm
  • I haven't seen this posted, so I'll paste below, but if this is real, 'shawn took one straight to the harbaughles right before the defender behind him made contact with the ball.


    -- and yes, I made that word up... seems like it should catch on here :)
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