I just dont know how RW doesnt win ROY

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  • Wilson comes out well ahead in stats that factor strength of defense. He won't win though. RG3 might, but my money is on Luck. The media is full of simpletons. On that note, Grigson will get exec of the year too.
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  • Russel had the toughest schedule and came out with the best record with a post season win, its a no brainer

    just remember the individuals deciding spent their entire careers beating their brains out on the field so just like it shows in their commentary and jouranlism it will prolly show in their voting as well...
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  • The Battle #83 wrote:
    rdskns4eva wrote:
    salamander wrote:Is there a description of the award? Obviously Wilson had a slow start which led to worse stats, but I would argue finished the best. Right now he is the best player because of the intangibles. So if you want to give it to the best player give it to Wilson...if you want to give it to the player with the best stats for the year give it to RGIII.

    The award is for the best player over the couse of a year. Not the best player over the course of 8 games.

    Prior to week 6, this was a two horse race. No one was even mentioning RW until he beat the Pats and even after that, he lost two games in a row, including one where he was 9 for 23. His rookie of the year campaign really began after he beat the Vikings in week 9. Thats when he started to get hot.

    If we're talking intangibles, RG3 has that as well...tahts been well documented. RW isnt the only leader in the NFL lol.

    you have to admit that being in the NFL's darling NFC East doesn't hurt. and in those first 8 games we were 4-4 while your team was 3-5. We still finished better in the regular season and post season.

    Sure, big time. I've said many times that the NFC east is the most popular division in the NFL. RG3 has alot of things going for him.

    -Plays in a major football town
    -Plays in the NFC east
    -Beat the most popular/hated team in the NFL twice on prime time TV, including thanksgiving (Cowboys)

    RG3 does have more media exposure than RW, just because of the team he is on and the Division he plays in. It's sad, but teams in the NFC East can be 8-8 and be on prime time TV like 3 times a year. Teams in the west need to be GREAT just have a shot at one prime time game worth talking about.
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  • I bet Luck gets it. Its just the vibe I get from the talking heads, plus if you use Clayton as your "plugged-in" expert, he favors Luck. RGIII will get consideration because he performed well across the whole season. Wilson not being set free until mid-way in the season is most likely going to hold him back.

    Many folks thought Wilson was just a running QB and didn't really get to see how much damage he could do from the pocket. Sando produced numbers to show that a huge percentage of Wilson's work was done in the pocket but that wasn't the perception some had of him.

    But since we don't have a game to debate, until it is announced there is not much else to discuss.
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