John Boyle in hawks locker room after the loss

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  • i am very proud of this team and we should all feel blessed to have Wilson as our QB. This team is very strong and almost pulled something off yesterday that has only happened once in nfl history by going back to back east coat games and winning them in the playoffs so although i am disappointed i am very excited about what we have and what Pete and John have built.
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  • SeahawksFanForever wrote:and, check this out
    John Boyle ‏@johnpboyle
    QB Russell Wilson wasn't in the locker room for cleanout b/c he was watching film. Seriously. #Seahawks

    Honestly, I didn't expect him to be anywhere else...
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  • I'm still extremely depressed today, but equally exuberant as the rest of you about Russell Wilson.

    We didn't just find a franchise QB.

    Wilson is a future Hall of Famer.
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  • The thing I like about Russell Wilson is the dude is just tack sharp thinking wise. I am never scared of what he might do when we need a drive. I was always scared when we needed one when Hasselbeck was qb you know he sorta made some bad throws at bad times but hey I loved that guy and still root for him. Anyway he obviously is a workaholic he should be forced to take a break.

    Here's what he should do. Hawaii is really nice this time of year and not as many tourists. Take his ol lady down there and just snorkel with the fish and lay out in the sun and veg for about three weeks. I'll bet mama would be all for that. It's too cold here to sit around watching football film dude. He would get rest, score serious brownie points with his wife, it's a win win no brainer. Just do it already.
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  • over the years I've always had trouble saying who my favorite hawk is. It's always come down to (for me personally), Tez, Alexander, Largent, and Big Walt. But I'm incredibly close to naming my all time favorite seahawk Russell Wilson. Of course to keep that title he'll have to stick around for awhile, but this kid is flat out dedicated, to the fans, to the city, to the team, and to winning.

    Holy crap I love being a Seahawk fan.
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  • Jville wrote:I'm looking for an off season impact out of Russell Wilson.

    I think he is going to involve himself in receiver evaluations for 2013.

    I think he is going to finish making this offense ..... his.

    Yeah much respect to Lynch, but Wilson is the future. Lynch's style helped Wilson develop this year but from here on out it's the RW show. I also predict the read option will be a thing of the past. Might be used sparingly to keep defenses on their toes, but stats and film show he is great in the pocket and will continue to get better. I was pretty envious of Indy going from Manning to Luck, and Manning not even considering us. Now I wouldn't trade Wilson for either of them.
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  • If anyone caught his post game press conference he said he was gonna take the honeymoon he and his wife hadn't taken yet but he probably was first gonna start looking game film from yesterday's loss. I was floored when I heard him say that. Whoa! The guy is mad obsessed with winning a championship for the Seahawks and the 12th man. :)
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  • honestly, not surprised.

    In no time he'll be running his own workouts with the receivers.
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  • I can't stop thinking about how incredible this week would be. I will miss all the rituals I go thru (walking down to the stadium on every work day, not shaving, flying the flag etc.) and just being around town listening to EVERYONE talk about this team. I remember the buzz in 05, it was unreal around here. Looking forward to enjoying many NFC Championships over the next few years. This team is built for the future, we have a Franchise QB, and were the youngest team in 21 years to win a road playoff game. Shoot, if someone would have told me before the season that we'd be 31 seconds from the NFC Championship against the hated Niners, I would has suggested that you don't drink the bong water.
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  • BamKam wrote:
    hawker84 wrote:damn Russ take a minute man, you've earned it....


    If I was the coaching staff I would tell him he isn't allowed to come to the stadium for a week.

    Take that team-issued iPad away from him and make him take Ashton on a real honeymoon for a couple of weeks. Then he can watch as much film as he wants.
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