After a Day of Reflection

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After a Day of Reflection
Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:09 pm
  • So, I took last night off from visiting for forums. I drank a ton yesterday, was frustrated, and knew that the forums would be completely uncomprehensible after the big loss. I wanted to blame alot of things yesterday.

    But regardless, I took a full 24 hours to reflect and really look at the game without the tinted goggles. The game was awesome. Not in a results type of way, but in a really epic game. If you only watched the first half, you were probably not feeling the same way. But talk about Russell F@'n Wilson. That kid took the second half and showed why he is an NFL starter. To be down by so much, to go on 4 TD Drives under so much pressure. National Audience. Away Team. DOWN 20 POINTS AFTER THE HALF. Just remarkable.

    Zach Miller ... Thank you for showing me your ProBowl self once again. (and thank you Russell for recognizing Atlanta's weakness covering TE's [Which we also have])

    Winston Guy. This was not your day. I was actually a little confused on him being out there anyway. Not because I think he is a bad player. But he had very limited experience this season. And to have such a big role on a such a big game. I know we were running a lot of Prevent at the end. But I still dont know if he was the best option for that third safety spot. Especially if hes playing under zone. Regardless, you had to go up against a really good passing offense. And They smoked checked your zone coverage. I attribute this to his lack of experience once again. And when it showed up big, was the last 30 seconds of the game.

    Marshawn ... It was not your day. But thats ok. Atlanta was coming for you hard. So hard in fact, I was a little disappointed Wilson didnt take the ball more in read plays in the first half. Wilsons reads in the first half were not always spot on and him keeping it would have surely been the better choice on many occasion. Regardless. You ran hard, and you pulled alot of their attention. Something that help open up the passing game. The one fumble was huge. Obviously bigger then last weeks. But I know its not habit.

    Passing D... You actually did pretty well. Albiet 1 play where Sherman got beat hard by White, and of course, Winston's role, you didnt do that bad. Thats one of the best passing O's in the league and our guys stuck in there after getting slashed by the runs.

    Run stop... We all knew that Irvin would most likely be a weakness in the run game. We knew it. Atlanta knew it. Everyone knew it. But it wasnt just him. TACKLING DIDNT EXSIST. Atlanta made a crazy amount of downs on weak ass runs because no one could tackle. no one. at all. It was ridiculous. Absolulty revolting. Everyone. Bryant, Earl, Cam, Wagnor, Branch, Hill. I saw all these guys have arms around Turner or Rodgers, and they couldnt bring them down. I want to puke a little.

    Coach ... Wow buddy. You werent ready or something. Some very questionable decisions that I think play too well in hindsight. Yep, if you took the points in the first half, we probably would have won if everything else stayed the same. But it did more then that. It gave so much momentum to Atlanta, that it may have well been a factor in them winning. On the other hand, if we would have made it, Billick would have said it was brilliant cause it gives you guys the momentum you need. So it really doesnt matter. What matter is the guys didnt execute it. I think Russel should never have sent Miller in motion. The D wasnt set and he could have snapped the ball with the Dline even down. The clock management. I dont think I need to explain this one. Play calling from Bevel and Bradley was also questionable, but I think the lack of support from the players in the first half made it difficult.

    Overall though. This game was fun. It came all the way down to the very last seconds. We, for a second, took the lead at the end for what would have been the greatest playoff comeback ever. Im extremely excited with this groups potential next season as we are keeping almost every starter, and they are young. Hungry. And Russell is gonna continue to bring this cohesive unit together.
    hawksincebirth wrote:
    So Russell has leverage but marshawn doesn't ? I thought its next man up. Hey we got t jack and bj Daniels right ??
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Re: After a Day of Reflection
Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:22 pm
  • Nice post.

    Immediately after the game I was fumed, hated the world. After about an hour and few deep breaths later, I realized the world would go on. Needless to say, we have a bright future and you have to learn to lose before you can win.

    This was a big learning experience for our guys. Let the feeling of losing sink in and hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and come back stronger next year.
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