Exciting off-season . . .

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Exciting off-season . . .
Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:51 pm
  • We have our franchise QB. A franchise QB who is armed with 16 regular season and 2 post-season starts, and now has the whole off-season to refine his game while knowing he is "the guy". As much as Russell Wilson improved week to week on the fly, it's scary to imagine what he will do with an entire off-season. I imagine he is already scheduling blocks of time with his WR's and TE's for off-season throwing sessions. This time around, we won't have to sacrifice training camp in order to identify our QB - we can start from the right foot on Day #1.

    We have cap stability and a front office that has an amazing record for drafting. We have 10 draft picks and the awesome flexibility to either deal Mat Flynn if we get an offer-we-can't refuse, or keep him in place knowing if something happens to Wilson we have a quality QB ready to step in -- although it must be said the entire face of our offense would change without Wilson running the read option. We have some needs, no question -- but the 4th draft for Carroll/Schneider is a breeding ground for filling holes and building depth and competition all over the roster.

    Our young guys got lots of playing time and exposure in high-pressure situations (guys like Turbin, Lane, Johnson, Maxwell, Guy and Sweezy). Playoff games on the road like we just played back-to-back will go a LONG way for the entire team. They've tasted some success, had to swallow the bitter pill, and now they will come back wanting more.

    I think this team realizes in order to take the next step, we need to earn homefield advantage. It would make all the difference in the world, regardless of the opponent. We did it in 2005 and took advantage of it.
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Re: Exciting off-season . . .
Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:01 pm
  • wow we have 10 draft picks? I can see us resigning nobody and just stay cheap and build through the draft. Maybe extend the likes of Browner and Chancellor.

    then theres Flynn. I want to see the kid play , how bout you guys? I hope we trade him . It doesnt matter what we get in return . Not paying him and bringing in Tjack for a backup role works .

    As much as I love Bryant his skills have diminished. Finding some kind a replacement for him would be nice. Also a guy like Jason Jones was suppose to be , maybe Armond Armstrong (22 yrs old, CFL , former USC standout)

    I wouldnt mind if Hill came back for depth , but I would like us to draft a Linebacker aswell as a wide reciever.
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Re: Exciting off-season . . .
Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:02 pm
  • Great post, Greg. And I think your final two points are huge.

    1) Great experience for the youthful team that money can't buy and training can't give...especially this playoff experience on the road coupled with some amazing success in adverse situations. It will pay big dividends next year.

    2) The team will be 'up' every week to win to secure homefield advantage. I have to believe that THEY believe, without doubt, they will be in the playoffs next year. They will remember all the damn travel and hostile houses for the playoffs and that crappy FEDEX Field, and play for the top seed. EVERY game has to be linked to this end purpose, even against teams that are hard to get up for (though I don't think that was much of an issue this year as compared to teams past).
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Re: Exciting off-season . . .
Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:05 pm
  • (pssst) the plan was always this upcoming year. The fact we came this close this year is an added bonus :)
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Re: Exciting off-season . . .
Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:35 pm
  • FlyingGreg writes, "As much as Russell Wilson improved week to week on the fly, it's scary to imagine what he will do with an entire off-season."

    This is something that I have been leaning on for solace the past 24 hours. It is also something I have been thinking a lot about the last month. Seriously, how much better can this guy get? Will we be happy if his QBR or other such ratings go down, but he gets more wins? Probably. Has the bar been set so high that he may not reach it again? Doubtful. This is a guy with the definite IT factor.

    I also think that in losing, (I may just be trying to rationalize this loss for myself) it will make the team even hungrier and more focused next year. Part of me was a little apprehensive that Russ may have led us to the Super Bowl. Stupid I know. But IIRC, Dan Marino is the only rookie to do so and then he never made it again. I remember Marino once saying that when he made it as a rookie, he never fully appreciated how difficult it was to get to the big game. Not until years later after several unsuccessful tries. Would a trip this year instilled a false sense of ease towards success? Or did getting this close light a fire under Russ and this team that it takes a full season, every game, every play to reach the level of success that just elluded this team?

    This will be the most exciting offseason that I can remember. We have most of the important parts of the team in place. We get to debate ad naseum, the parts we think need to be added and how that may happen. The expectations for the future of this team are astronomically high. I'm so damn excited I want to get in the film room and work!

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