Regardless of how it ended, this has been such a fun season.

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  • In 2005, it was fun to watch. We had 37 running his butt off. The left side was dominating. Our D was exciting to watch but I realized something after the game yesterday. After I took a bath with my toaster (forgot to plug it in) I decided I had more fun watching this year then that year. Granted the outcome wasn't as amazing, I found counting down every week to Sunday. Maybe it's because 2005 was only my third year of really watching the Seahawks and now I've become a fanatic but this year was amazing. I can't imagine how great next year will be. Granted, this is going to be a loonnnnggg offseason.
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  • Loved it. There were ups and downs but I wanted to watch every snap because you never knew what would happen. I think as a fan that is all you can ask for. Going to or winning a SB is great but being able to watch a team that has a chance to win every game is all I need....for now
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