Pride and respect from 5000 miles away..

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Pride and respect from 5000 miles away..
Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:19 am
  • Monday lunchtime here in London and the pain of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is still raw and constant.
    I went to bed drained just physically and emotionally but woke up this morning feeling so proud to be a Seahawks fan.
    Have followed the Seahawks for 25 years and attend one home and one road game each season. Was going to head to San Francisco if we had held on but it wasn't to be.

    The way the team has progressed this season has been nothing short of incredible. Sure we have a few holes that need fixing - but you will never have the perfect team.
    Anyway, I wore my Seahawks jacket with pride to work this morning and normally on the tube in London nobody even makes eye contact let alone speaks to a stranger? Today was different though and I had 2 conversations with people I had never met before about the game. Both said what a great game it was for the neutral fan and the stand out point was that Russell Wilson is an unbelievable player who is going to lead this team to great things.
    Such a rollercoaster of a season and I can't wait for September to come around.
    There is respect and love for the Seahawks around the world. If any of you guys are ever in London a few warm beers are on me!
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  • Good afternoon London! Your words truly do help heal the heartache of yesterday's game. Thank you.

    I was thinking about the Hawk's season while lying in bed early this morning - not being able to sleep - and it came to me that this incredible season of all its ups and downs, new found love (Russell and the team), new respect nationally and maybe even internationally ..... I realized that the last four and a half months as a Seahawk fan has given me more fun, hope, and a feeling of being engaged/alive .... than any one Super Bowl win could ever give me. This year ... being a Seahawks fan was more than just wins and losses - it was about finding our identity (as fans and as a team) .... and I'll say it again .... a love - a dedicated, talented young man who has lightened our hearts and has given us hope through his own dogged determination, talent, and optimism about the future. We're left feeling as though OUR team needs us as much as we need them. It's great to be a Hawks fan these days...:-)
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  • Pride And respect from France too. Cant sleep after the game... It's still an amazing season for our seahawks but losing like this was hard to swallow.

    This morning I was like hangover but in the end i'm proud of our players And coaches! Cant wait for the next season! Thank you Seahawks And thank you .NET!
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  • Well Im about another 800 miles up the road in sunny Glasgow Scotland, and I too was met with some good positive conversation in work today too. Bearing in mind the NFL and american sports are still a Niche market here, to have anyone talking about it with you is amazing. To have them praising the hawks, and in particular Russell Wislon is even better.

    I am in a good position that I have a few friends in my work who do like American sports and do like to discuss the NFL on a Monday/Tue morning which for me is a huge bonus. In my previous employment no one ever talked about the NFL, so ot come into work on a monday morning after a big/contreversial wekend of football and have no one to talked too was a bit of a bummer.

    Anyways the sport over here is growing, and we have a good few hundered hawk fans over in the UK now. I am on a UK hawk fan page on FB with over 130 members now and we are all very very excisited about the future of this team as are we all.

    The future is bright folks, dont be to down hearted today. In Russell/Pete/John we trust....Our time will come

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  • As a long standing UK fan of the Seahawks since the mid 80s, I have been through a lot of high and lows but don't think I can ever remember a game like Sundays - I had to take my brother to our local hospital on Sunday evening (he managed to get a nail stuck in his foot :? ) and when I checked the score at 1/2 time, things were looking very black! Got back to his home and it was 27-21 and then we scored a TD and I thought we had done it. Really, really, really tough way to lose in the last few seconds.

    I have just about got over it now and am so glad we played so well and never gave up - really augers well for the future. We need a few more players but we are almost there, I am sure. And as for Russell - what can you say, he is such a classy guy and a heck of a QB.

    Go Hawks!!!!

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  • Given that I'm not strictly in London anymore, maybe I should change my handle. :)
    Holy Catfish! Touchdown Seahawks!
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