A very simple yes or no poll question:

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Will the Seahawks win a Superbowl in the next 3 years?

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Re: A very simple yes or no poll question:
Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:45 pm
  • had you said "capable" I would have said yes in a heart beat

    a couple VERY capable teams made the Superbowl 4 times and lost every time, Buffalo Bills 91-94, back to back to back to back, then there was the Vikings, man when those teams win a Suprbowl its gonna blow up in their respective hometowns!
    GO HAWKS!!!
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Re: A very simple yes or no poll question:
Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:09 pm
  • Gotta have faith. :!:
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  • Damn straight we will......did you see the look on the players faces after the game?...this one hurt, bad! They want it. Next year the throttle comes off the governor.
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  • I hope so. This is the last time we will see the 2012 version of the Seattle Seahawks. Trufant, HIll, Branch, Jones, Butler, Leon (?), Flynn (?), Obo, Morrah, McDonald (?) and others are most likely not coming back. Divisional opponents and conference opponents are improving. Charmed season this year but late season injuries exposes more work needed with roster.

    You should have put a maybe option for us weasels. If you want a truthful answer, I would say no.
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  • JSeahawks wrote:Just curious the confidence level of the 12th man.

    You had to ask?
    Offense wins highlight reels.
    Defense wins championships.
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  • The NFC has become a very tough Conference. Niners, Pack and Skins all have comparable QBs. We would have never beat the Skins had RG3 not been hurt. No.
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  • If not, chances are I won't see it happen.
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  • I have said Yes, but I really mean they "SHOULD" win one, you simply can't account for a bad game like yesterday's screwing everything up

    New England SHOULD have a superbowl in the last 7 years but they don't. We are a more complete team... but it only takes one big injury to screw everything up
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  • The seahawks have all of the ingredients needed to win one or more championships. An elite QB (I DARE anyone to tell me how RW is not elite. Catch yourself on.), a top-drawer running game, a stingy defense.

    Could we use some pieces? Sure. We need a better pass rush. We could use a true #1 WR who can get separation on a consistent basis. That's really it. We've got a decent cap situation, a couple of draft masters and an entire offseason to work on fixing those two issues.

    Barring catastrophic injuries to this young team, we will be competing for - and winning - several superbowls over the next decade.

    Our window just opened, and i don't see it closing for a long time.
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  • Who the hell voted no?! Good god, people...
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  • Would be surprising if they didn't. If the Hawks ever got home-field there is no reason they shouldn't end up in the big dance.
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  • stonehawk13 wrote:The NFC has become a very tough Conference. Niners, Pack and Skins all have comparable QBs. We would have never beat the Skins had RG3 not been hurt. No.

    I'm glad you can predict the future now! Lotto numbers please?

    And anyways, NFC won't be tough this year I think. Just like how the NFC west was the worst conference in 2010, I think team's will drastically improve in the AFC next year. Regression to the mean. So by that rule, then the rest of the teams in the NFC should regress a little more.

    I don't think the Seahawks will regress, because our roster is 2nd youngest in the league and we have a franchise QB. I do think that teams like the 49ers (Kaepernick will struggle, Justin Smith gets old), Saints (Drew Brees can't do it all himself), Falcons (oldest roster in the NFL), ect......
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Re: A very simple yes or no poll question:
Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:24 am
  • 91% has to be an all time high. I'm guessing thats a lot higher then it would have been even after beating Carolina in the NFC Championship.
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Re: A very simple yes or no poll question:
Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:26 am
  • Absolutely we will.
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  • Yesterday at the half, I was 100% certain they would come back to win it. I haven't been that confident in this team in the 30 + years of being a 12. This experience in a hostile environment will prove to be priceless to the strength of this team in the future.

    The future is bright for this organization and us as 12's, no doubt about it.
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  • Seahawk Sailor wrote:Russell Wilson broke all kinds of rookie records - and this with basically a ball and chain around his ankles for eight games. And we still came a 30-second defensive stop from going to the NFC Championship game.

    Something tells me he's not quite satisfied with that.

    Well, if you listened to his press conference, you know he's not satisfied with that.

    And yes. Yes we are winning a Super Bowl in the next 3 years. Multiple ones, IMO.
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  • I truly hope so because my Dad turned 80 a month ago and my Mom 79 three months ago and I so badly want them to see the Hawks that we all love win one before they're gone.
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